Danbury Elementary School

Summer Reading and Writing 2019

“A Universe of Stories”

In an effort to make a bigger connection between reading and writing, Danbury’s summer program, A Universe of Stories, has been developed to encourage your child to continue what has been taught in the classroom.   

As always, Danbury students are encouraged to read throughout the summer.  You can find suggestions for summer reading lists here: https://goo.gl/NCYTae.  Keep a reading record on the sheets provided (https://goo.gl/QUi5rC) and make sure to turn in the list and book review to your teacher by the week of September 3rd, 2019.  All students who participate in “A Universe of Stories” by reading throughout the summer will be eligible for a prize.  

In addition to independent reading, we also encourage parents to read aloud,  including to those children who are already independent readers.  In addition to being a wonderful family activity, children increase their listening vocabulary, which improves their comprehension.  It allows them to develop interests beyond their reading levels.

Writing will be in the form of a book review.  See the suggested reading and writing assignments as a guide here: https://goo.gl/qWJK3K).  There are also links examples of book reviews by grade level at the end of that document.

When school begins next fall, choose the book review you are most proud of and turn it into your teacher by the week of September 4, 2019.

Any reading completed can also be used towards other summer reading programs, such as the Ida Rupp Public Library program , Scholastic, etc…

All of the documents referenced in this letter have been collected in the following Google Drive folder for ease of reference:

Happy reading and writing,

Heidi Oglesbee

Title 1 Reading Teacher