Bennett Valley Golf Club

Meeting June 2, 2018

Present: Jordan Schnur, Ralph Thomas, Maria Guarienti,  Steve Hanak, Gregory Fearon,

                Doug Smith, Ken Richter  

Absent:  John Christenson, Louis Capuano

Call to Order: 7:14 AM by Jordan

 Minutes:  The May minutes were read and accepted

Treasurer Report:  Gregory mentioned that we are in generally good shape eight months into this fiscal year. Renewal memberships are above budget making up for the diminished new memberships.  Both member expenses and tournament net costs have been held low. Compared to last year we are ahead in terms of cash and fund balance.

Membership: Ralph reported that we are slowly increasing membership and are now at 358. This is an increase of 13 members since last month.

Tournament: The June 9th 2-Man Best Ball Championship will be set up using the latest Golf Genius software and TPP as a backup. Previous experience with Golf Genius for the President’s Cup suggests that the transition from TPP is progressing nicely.

Ken will create screen captures of the Golf Genius tournament setup and document the process. Same process we used for migrating from Golf Fusion to TPP.

Maria offered to get the tournament committee together to review the process.

NCGA Handicap: No update this month.

Old Business:  Gregory consulted with Bob B. concerning his request for our contribution to a memorial plaque for NCGA’s Charlie Hoffer. The board agreed to participate given Charlie’s long contribution to both BV and our club.

New Business: None

Adjourned: 7:45 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary