Science Infinity Chemistry Club Team:

Lawrence Atienza, President

Senior at Nikola Tesla STEM High School. Took AP Chemistry last year and got a 5 on the AP test. Plans on going on to become a chemical engineer in the future.

Kevin Cai, Vice President

Junior at Redmond High School, who has taken AP Chemistry and passed with flying colors. Also loves Rubiks cubes.

Mukhil Shanmughan, Apprentice President

Sophomore at Redmond High School. Landed an internship with a chemistry professor at University of Washington last year and received very high scores on the USNCO (United States National Chemistry Olympiad).

Samarjit Kaushik

Freshman at Redmond High School. He is currently taking AP chemistry. He also teaches HTML and loves playing the piano. He loves science and hopes to become an aerospace engineer in the future.

Anirudh Iyer

Sophomore at Nikola Tesla STEM High School. Has been a chemistry aficionado since middle school, where he self-studied chemistry topics for competitions. Loves teaching science and hopes to expose younger children to the wonderful world of chemistry.

Maneesh Rajagopalan