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In the Beginning…: The Arctic Regions

Petroglyphs, Häljesta, Vastmanland, Sweden

Bronze Age Petroglyphs, Häljesta, Vastmanland, Sweden  (www.ancient -origins.net)

The farthest regions of the Northern Hemisphere are areas with harsh weather, fierce winds, and subtle beauty.  The inhabitants of the Arctic and sub-Arctic trace their ancestries back to a time when the continents looked very different, and while many of these indigenous peoples share common stories and traditions, they have unique features which define them.  Please join us on June 2nd when Barbara will tell us about some of these populations.  She will describe the origins of the population groups (North America, Europe, Asia) and how they interacted with each other and with nature.  There will be lots to learn and enjoy, so we hope to see you on June 2nd.

This is an open discussion circle for everyone.

Goddesses are chosen from various world religions as a starting place for group discussion.

When: 1st Sunday after 2nd service (about 12:20 pm)  

Where: In the Annex Building    Why:  Fellowship and fun.

Bring a dish to share if you’d like.

Childcare can be provided with advance notification.

Please contact GoddessGroup@uufp.org with any questions.