May 31st, 2019 – 11:30 @ Stockmen’s Cafe

Members Present:  Jim Losleben,, Karen Langmo, Ken Hess,  Kevin Farnum, Dan Ziegler, Jeff Erdmann, Jim Elseth, Susan Schaefer, Sue Eyre and Riley Flanders.


Members Absent: Alex Naujokas


Secretary’s Report:  No approval was made for the minutes as we needed information for the Water Quality committee.  Will approve at our June meeting.          

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report for January - May, 2019 was reviewed. A motion to approve the report was made by Jim Losleben.  It was seconded by Ken Hess.  The motion passed.    

Special Presentation:   Steve Peterson, chairman of the KLA WPP committee gave an update to the board on where the Watershed Petition Project (WPP) was at.  Discussion was held regarding where the committee was at on an attorney reviewing the formal petition, how signatures were going to be obtained and the timeline to get them.  Information on the whole process was also reviewed.  A flow chart of the process and talking points were handed out to board members.  A formal presentation will be given at the KLA Annual meeting on July 13th.        

Old Business

Annual Meeting:  Discussion was held regarding the annual meeting.  More to come in the next meetings                                                                                       

Newsletter:  Articles are due June 19th-June 21st.  The newsletter will be sent out on June 28th.  Review of the articles was done.

Water Festival Recap:  The water festival was a success with KLA board members helping out with the AIS presentations.

Team Captains Meeting/Agenda:  Karen, Sue E., Susan S., Kevin and Steve Peterson will be at the team captains meeting on Saturday, June 1, to present info on the WPP and go over other items that KLA would like the team captains to do for their duties.  

Board Member Election Procedures/Issues: There are 4 board positions up for election this year.  Jim L, Dan and Susan Schaefer would like to go for another 3 year term.  Sue E will be going off.  Karen mentioned that she has 2 people who have contacted her regarding their interest to be on the board.  The board discussed that they can add one more member to the board, per the by- laws.  So if there are no more individuals interested we will have the 5 individuals for those 5 board seats.  We will be taking nominations also at the meeting.  There may be a need to have a ballot ready for the annual meeting in case there are nominations from the floor.  Karen will meet with the two individuals that are interested.

Membership Form Comments:  The board reviewed the first round of the membership from written comments.

Committee Reports


Community Involvement/Awareness: No items were discussed - the boat parade and fireworks will be discussed at the next meeting.

Lake Quality Improvement:  1)Greg Berg is in the process of arranging meetings with landowners to develop final plans for dealing with the problem resulting with the formation of the delta on the SW side of the lake.   These landowners verbally approved of these plans last fall but forms need to be signed before the 75% grants can be approved and become operational.  

2) Still only one landowner signed up with Stearns Soil and Water to install rock inlets on his property.  Additional efforts will be made to inform landowners of the funds available for this project.

3) Fish and Wildlife Department has installed a holding pond a mile west of the “Rumble Bridge” inlet to hold back water flowing from large hills in the area.  An additional pond is being considered at this time.  Although this pond is a mile from the lake, it will allow for some settling of nutrients before entering the lake.

AIS:  Steve Peterson made a presentation about the 103d special watershed project to the KLA board.  Several comments and questions were asked with some discussion.  Notes were taken to include in the presentation that Steve will be giving to the lake captains the next morning.  The group working on this met the day before and are making progress and made some key decisions that have been incorporated into the petition.  

Kevin reported that Mathiowetz Construction has purchased a new unloader for use on Koronis.  As a result KLA has entered into a rental contract with them and it will be used by Mathiowetz Solutions.  Kevin will review the liability insurance needs required.  

MN DNR has issued a LVMP report which is available.  We have added our own Addendum to this document which includes our third parties report.  

Kevin noted that an invasive species meeting is being held in New York that has a speaker making a presentation on Invasive Management Metrics.  He will try and get the information another way.  

Kevin noted that he was contacted for a lake tour of our Starry Stonewort work from Becker County.  Ken and Dan both offered to help.  The date is August 15th.

Membership/Dues: There are 214 regular memberships totalling $19,970 and 13 business memberships totalling $1,300.  We are $3.304 ahead of total regular membership totals from last year and $500 behind on businesses from last year.

New Business

KLA Vests: The board decided to order KLA vests for the team captains.  Karen will order them.

High Water Discussion/Procedures:  High water no wake zones were discussed due to the high water issues during the Memorial Day weekend and lake residents complaining.  The Stearns county sheriff’s department did post no wake signs at the access landings but this was a request and no formal citations can issued, just warnings.  Karen had talked to the Kellan Hemmesch at the Stearns County sheriff’s department about the procedures.  The board asked that we pursue asking them to start the proceedings for a formal no wake high water ordinance.  Karen will pursue.

Meeting with Rice Lake President: Karen met with Susan Anderson the president of the Rice Lake Association.  They discussed the letter that one of their board members sent to the DNR regarding the possible closure of the Hwy 55 landing.  Karen mentioned to Susan that KLA is doing their best to manage the SSW, she said that was not the issue, and that their board member had issues with  the DNR in general.  This is Susan’s last year as president.  Overall it was a good discussion.

Future Meetings:     The next meeting will be held on June 28th, 2019 at the Stockman’s Cafe, along with the annual meeting on July 13th.                


Signed, Executive Secretary,


Alex Naujokas