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College Algebra Grades 11-12


Irene Cline


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2nd Period: e8rx80c

5th Period: uuln153

Course Description

        Students are engaged in hands-on and cooperative activities that encourage mathematical reasoning, problem solving, communicating and marking connections. Through these activities students utilize technology such as graphing calculators, computers and calculator based lab equipment. In addition, they are encouraged to think more critically through activities that will involve investigations, exploration, and discovery. Finally, evaluation appears in several formats: pencil and paper tests, performance tasks, and long- and short-term projects. This course is comprised of the following ‘Big Ideas’: (1) critical thinking skills; (2) equations and inequalities; (3) the Cartesian plane and graph; (4) Functions and Graph; (5) polynomial and rational functions; (6) exponential and logarithmic functions; (7) logic; and (8) sequences, series, and probability.

Course Expectations and Assessments

  We are going to have around 2 or 3 major assessments every marking period and there will be about two minor assessments for every major assessment. During the Fourth Marking Period we are going to be doing more projects for the students such as a budgeting project.        

Course Policies 

  1. There are no retakes for quizzes
  2. In order to retake a test a student must have completed all the homework that would have been covered for that test.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        I am available for help after school from Monday through Thursday and most of those days I am here until 4 or 4:30. I just ask that if your student has any concerns or needs extra help they just let me know so I can make sure that I am able to help them.

        In the students Google Classroom I try my best to post the notes that we go over in every class so if they ever need to see the notes but do not have them with them all they have to do is go onto our classroom.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

  1. Respect any and all classmates and teacher.
  2. Do not deface the school property, this includes the desks, I have been a custodian before and marks on the desk can be annoying to get out. If I see any marks on the desk I will have the student stay after class to get the mark off.
  3. Be on time to class. Every 4 latenesses will result in a detention with myself.