Beyond by Horacio Quiroga

“Cray Z Gurl,” “The Ruin of Your Name,” and “My Cabin” by Carlos Ríos, translated by Elisa Taber.

Excerpt from Xirú by Damián Cabrera

“Ita ha’eñoso / Ya no está sola la Piedra / The Stone Is No Longer Alone” by  Miguelángel Meza

(Paradise/The First Earth),” “The Flood,” and “(Reality/The Second Earth)” by Léon Cadogan

“The Flies” by Horacio Quiroga

“Poetry of the Tanti Rao” by Violeta Percia

Excerpt from Manigua by Carlos Ríos

“The Unfurrow(ing/er) of Birds” by Tanuuj

“The Stud (Stallion) and the Married Woman” and “The Mare’s Sons” by Casamshi

“Address/Dirección I” and “Address/Dirección II” by G. García

“Maritza” by Reunión