Kafenia Peace Collective, Mid-Peninsula Sub-Region Edition


Now is the time to stand together, to care for ourselves and others. We can’t meet in person or even touch, but we can provide support and foster belonging across our diverse communities.  Let’s practice living as a Village of All Together across the Mid-Peninsula.

FIVE Things You Can Do

ALLY:  Support anti-racist language and behavior.  Report incidents here.

SHARE $:  Give $ to local orgs that help people cover rent:   EPA & nearby 

PAY:  If you employ anyone, keep paying  FULL COVID SICK LEAVE.  Advocate for others.

HELP: Sign up to offer practical help/other help in your neighborhood. Use Nextdoor or CERT for your area or OUR FORM 

LISTEN:  Call and text your extended networks. How are they doing?   Who might be vulnerable now?  

KAFENIA PEACE COLLECTIVE is personally part of 2 efforts,

Give money to local orgs that can help people cover their rent, especially in East Palo Alto.  One thing we have learned is even our lowest income neighbors pay really HIGH rent, from $1800-$3500/month and the Eviction Moratorium turns unpaid rent into personal debt they will never be able to repay.

 Check to see if your employer will match your donation.

Support our most vulnerable, in RVs, on the streets, incarcerated

Wider Area

Find out if anyone in your network may need food/rent assistance or help negotiating with a landlord for rent reduction in April.  

If you get a cash payment from the federal government during the pandemic, would you be willing to pass it on to a local mutual aid fund to cover your less well-supported neighbors' food, rent, medical care – especially if you already have health insurance, full pay while working from home, etc.?

If you are a landlord, could you offer rent abatement or reduction until COVID ends?  Give it now so they know they will be ok.    You could speak with your bank if necessary and they may be able to help.


Background: From Alan Palaez Lopez: “The most obvious is to actually practice income redistribution. I can't explain how important it is for folk who have salary jobs to share that income with others. We are all living through this but some will get through it with excess and others with scarcity. Share your resources.”  

Other Support Needed (Bay Area List)

If you employ anyone, please give them FULL COVID SICK PAY (nannies, house cleaners, gardeners, and others).  Your support can prevent evictions and hungry families.  

Guidelines from the Domestic Employers Network.

Employers:  Please pay FULL COVID SICK PAY if you can.

Reach out to your local CERT (Community Emergency Response) volunteer neighbor  teams for emergency support and disaster relief supported by the City.

Together, we will get through this time of significant change. Thank you for stepping up, taking action, and creating a more peaceful, inclusive world. Please keep us posted on your stories on our Facebook page. We want to hear from you!

We are all in this together,

The Kafenia Peace Collective Team & Friends


Compiled by Kafenia Peace Collective kafenia.org. Join our FB page to join our Zoom check-ins.

We are from Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Mtn. View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale,  and the world!  Please note: This is not a list of services. If you need help, please contact your local government, neighborhood groups, faith groups and/or non-profits.

To add links, email Barbara at:  barbaraweinstein2@gmail.com

Poem about COVID from Humans of New York

During this time ---  did you make things better?  Or did you make things worse?

Did you lash out?  Or did you comfort?

If you have extra — did you share?  

If someone relies on you for income — did you pay them?

If your neighbor lives alone — did you help them prepare?

If you wonder how somebody is making it — did you ask?

We’re going to be fine. But we’re going to be fine because there are so many people who will choose humanity over selfishness.


Places for help:

As far as resources for families related to COVID, there are so many lists of resources going around, and many of them have not been vetted, funds are exhausted. Santa Clara’s 11 million fund was gone in 24 hours.  If you imagine that there are 275,000 undocumented in Santa C Apparently, 50% of people seeking food have never before received assistance, so we can let families know there are many newly in this situation.  


Bay Area Migrant Youth Fund -- seems great but they are out of funds, fundraising now.   But, they referred me to this resource page --

COVID Resources - Migrant Focused (updated by East Oakland Dreamers - this page is great too!)


General List of Known Relief Funds for Undocumented -  big and detailed, state wide! It tells you which funds actually have money left in them so it’s useful.

Undocufunds -- this started in Sonoma with the fires and is being replicated elsewhere with COVID

San Francisco


Sonoma (original fund)  & another Undocumented fund



Great overall starting place, vetted by our friend Jesus, Stanford Med student:

COVID Community Response Page




Peery Foundation List of Resources -- Best place for vetted/detailed resources for East Palo Alto/Menlo Park (can serve Redwood City,  Mtn View too)