Lesson:  Think Sustainability

Grade Level:  7 – 12

Duration: 60 minutes plus follow-up lessons



 research ways they can make a difference through the choices that they make.

that can be used which prevents something from going into a landfill.


Teacher Preparation:

presents the lesson.

 municipal solid waste (MSW), green


  1. Prior to lesson: Students should be prepared with a notebook and a pen or pencil.
  2. Intro: Read the short book: What Does It Mean to Be Green? By Rana DiOrio
  1. This is a cute book that will grab attention of young and old.

       3.   Slides presentation:

provoking questions to which various solutions might be proposed.

 think about the problem, share and discuss their ideas with one another.

collective ideas, and ask questions they might have.

      4.  Upcycle Project Guide: Put students into groups of two or three and introduce the upcycle project.  

           Allow students to use computers to research and plan the upcycle project.

      5.  Exit Ticket: Students will show Upcycle Project Proposal to instructor for final approval.

      6.  Follow-up: You can plan one or several class periods to work on projects in class or allow students to

           complete them at home. After giving students time to complete their projects, students will present

           their project to the class.  They will create a digital presentation with pictures illustrating their

           procedures for creating their project. If possible, students will bring their project into the class.

      7. Additional Resource:  Battle of the Bag Documentary - Plastic bags – 44 min.