Minneapolis Telecommunications Network

Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 14, 2019

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Board Minutes from 12.10.2018
  3. Update from Board vote held via email 1/2/2019
    (add email as part of this meeting’s record)
  4. Executive Director Update - Valerie Lockhart
    (funding delay, subsequent change to schedule, update on badge access)
  5. Public Commentary (3 minutes per person signed up)
  6. Board meeting adjourned


Attendance: David Allison (Chair), Jon Samuelson (Vice-Chair), Mike Wade (Treasurer), Destaye Crawford (Secretary), Ilse Rolf, Valerie Lockhart (Executive Director), Troy Peterson (Creative Director)

Absent: N/A

Meeting called to order: 6:05pm

Minutes from 12/10/2018 meeting: Approved with no changes

Update from Board Meeting held via email 1/2/2019: Due to the resignation of the former Vice-Chair, the MTN board was required to vote another member on before 30 days had passed, before the date of this January board meeting. Of the candidates that were up for consideration, Ilse Rolf was voted on to take the vacant seat via email 1/2/2019, and will begin her term as of this January meeting.

Executive Director Update: Due to a delay in funding, MTN will be closing down except for already scheduled productions until February 5th, 2019. We will not be holding trainings or any special events during this time in order to save money until our 1st quarter payment comes in. We are just a few weeks away from having badge access for members. Having push bars installed on the two main doors this week, which is the first step in that process. Small claims court is scheduled for the end of the month, will update board on that at the next meeting. Also scheduled to have a meeting with the city communications department after that court date. Will also update the board on the outcome of that meeting in February.

No public commentary

Board Meeting Adjourned: 6:58pm