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1.        Purpose


The Board recognizes that field trips, when used for teaching and learning integral to the curriculum, are an educationally sound and important component of the instructional program of the schools.  Properly planned and executed field trips can:

  1. Supplement and enrich classroom learning by providing educational

   experiences in an environment outside the schools

  1. Arouse new interests among students.

  1. Help students relate academic learning to the reality of the world outside of


  1. Introduce community resources, such as natural, cultural, industrial,

  commercial, governmental and educational.

  1. Afford students the opportunity to study real things and real processes in

   their actual environment.

2.        Definition

For purposes of this policy, a field trip shall be defined as any trip by students away from school premises that is an integral part of approved planned instruction, any planned travel activity that supplements or enriches the classroom curriculum, is conducted as a first-hand educational experience not available in the classroom, and is supervised by a teacher or district employee.

3.        Authority

     SC 517

The Board shall approve only those field trips that are planned to keep students out of the district overnight or longer.

Students on field trips remain under the supervision and responsibility of this Board and are subject to its rules and regulations.

The Board does not endorse, support nor assume responsibility in any way for any district staff member who takes students on trips not approved by the Board or Superintendent. No staff member may solicit district students for such trips within district facilities or on district grounds without Board permission.

4.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall develop administrative regulations for the operation of field trips.

5.        Guidelines

     Title 22

     Sec. 4.4

     Pol. 103.1, 113

     Pol. 210, 210.1

Field trips shall be governed by guidelines which ensure that

  1.  The safety and well-being of students will be protected at all times.

  1. Permission of the parent/guardian is sought and obtained before any student

               may participate.

  1. The principal approves the purpose, itinerary and duration of each proposed


  1. Each field trip is properly planned, integrated with the curriculum, and

   followed up by appropriate activities that enhance its value.

  1. The effectiveness of field trip activities is monitored and evaluated


  1. Teachers are allowed flexibility and innovation in planning field trips.

  1. No field trip will be approved unless it contributes to the achievement of

               specified instructional objectives.

Administration of Medication

The Board directs planning for field trips to start early in the school year and to include collaboration between administrators, teachers, nurses, parents/guardians and other designated health officials.

Decisions regarding administration of medication during field trips and other school-sponsored programs and activities shall be based on the student’s individual needs.

Medication shall be administered in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, Board policies and district procedures.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 510, 517

State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.4

Board Policy – 000, 103.1, 105, 113, 210, 210.1


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