2022 Cluster News  

Drama (Mrs. Getchius)

Pre-K -  Developing our imaginations and performing plays
K -  Characterization-The Kindergarten Zoo
1st Grade - Showing feelings using movement
2nd Grade -  Building ensemble-focus on whole grade
3rd Grade - Technical Theater: Continuing visual research and costume design
4th Grade -  Continuing pantomime skills and Silent Film
5th Grade - Production Discussion/Acting Skills/Learning Roles

Music (Mr. Keller)

Pre-K - Seasons & Weather
K - Digraphs
1st Grade - Dynamics
2nd Grade - Xylophone & Melody
3rd Grade - Keyboard & The Staff

4th Grade  - Keyboard & Chords
5th Grade  - Meter & Music Math

Dance (Mrs. McDermott)

Pre-K - Alphabet Soup – Making Letters with our Body

K - Creating Dances about Animals (Making Movement Sentences)

1st Grade – Turning our favorite stories into Dances (Making Movement Sentences)

2nd Grade - Continuing Learning the Language of Dance with Klig and Gop (traveling and balancing)

3rd Grade - Cultural Dances (301 - Mexican El Jarabe Tapatio; 302 - Puerto Rican Salsa & Bamba; 303 - Canadian Les Saluts)

4th Grade - Mastering Modern Dance - Choreographing Works on Controversial Topics/Making a Difference through Dance

5th Grade - Choreographing Theatrical Jazz Dances, enhancing our Musical 

Art (Ms. Bogart)

Pre-K & K – Seasonal Art – All About Winter

1st & 2nd Grade - Artists Use Art Tools; What are Rulers and Stencils? How do Artists use them in their Art?

3rd Grade - Art Techniques: What is a RESIST?

4th & 5th Grade - Exploring the Art Elements: VALUE= From LIGHT to DARK


Physical Education (Mr. Saviano)

Pre-K & K  

Parachute - Doing activities where you are learning how to work together.  

1st & 2nd Grade 

Parachute / Hoop Activities - Doing activities where you are learning how to work together.  

Learning about teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship.

3rd Grade

Foot to Eye Coordination - activities such as a obstacle course and sideline soccer. Also continuing to learn about teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship.  

4th & 5th Grade 

Fitnessgram Fitness Activities- These activities will work on your child's upper body and abdominal areas. The Pacer is a running test that measures how far you can go by pacing yourself.  

*Fitnessgram is a comprehensive fitness assessment battery for youth required by all NYC Public Schools. It includes a variety of health- related physical fitness tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

STEAM (Mrs. Camuti)

Shop Small!

Waterside is excited to support local businesses! We will be using our coding skills to program commercials for small businesses in Scratch Jr and Tynker. Students will generate ideas, insert character, design backgrounds, write dialogue, sequence movements, animate characters, etc. We look forward to posting commercials for families to share with friends and neighbors, promoting hard working minority groups, women, charitable, and health conscious local owners.