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User testing script - Prototype V1
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User testing script - Prototype V1

Hi, thanks for sparing you time to take this test, you are testing an app that allows users record and share experiences, and allows you view other people’s experiences.

When I say “experiences” I mean any event a user might want to record, view, or share. An example might be a walking tour of 1916 Dublin, or a night out in town in Dublin with friends. As part of this test, I would like to record your interaction with the app for later reference, do I have your permission to do this? While using this app, I would like you to think aloud, that is to say out loud what you are thinking, while using the app, commenting on what you think you should be doing based on what you see.

The test is being performed on the app, not on you.

There are two scenarios, the first scenario is, you are on holidays in Dublin. Before you embarked on your trip you found, liked, and downloaded for offline viewing, a tour of Great Coffee Shops in Dublin, the tour is nearby to your hotel, and you would now like to find that tour and take it. Your task is to find the tour and view it. I will explain the second scenario when you have completed this one.

Are you ready to begin?

The second scenario is, you are on a night out in Dublin, and you want to record the night, including photos, video, audio, and you want to share a link to it on Twitter, and change the category to Nights Out, you also want to make the event public, so other users of the app can view it.