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AACC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) July 2020
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Gull Lake Added Advantage Child Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will drop off and sign in look like?

1.   Only one adult per family should be present at drop-off/pick-up. Ideally, this would be the same parent or designated person every day, though we recognize this is not always possible.

2.   Staff will greet children and families curbside or outside the building and walk children in and out of the building.

3.   Children should enter the building without car seats.

4.   We will have a hand hygiene station at the entrance to our building so children clean their hands.

5.   We will provide hand sanitizer or wipes at the sign-in station for parents/guardians to clean pens/keypads between each use.

AACC Digital Daily Sign In

Will you screen students upon arrival at AACC?

As fever is the key indicator of COVID-19 in children, we will check each child’s temperature upon daily arrival to the program.

Does my child have to wear a mask?

All children who enter the facility will wear a face mask. All children must have a mask to wear at the center if the situation arises such as unable to properly social distance while playing a game.

Can my child bring sunscreen into the building?

Children may bring their own sunscreen into the building. Please label the sunscreen with your student’s name and we will keep it in their individual locker. If siblings are in the same class and you would like them to share sending one is okay. However, if siblings are in different rooms due to their ages, please send each child with their own sunscreen.

Will my children be in the same room?

All effort is made to keep siblings in classrooms together to help minimize the spread of germs. However, children that have not yet attended Young 5s or Kindergarten will be in our Preschool Pandas group due to their age.