Sept. 2018

Dear Canterbury Music Parents, Guardians and Students:

Welcome to a new year at Canterbury High School!  The music department is looking forward to another exciting performance season.  It will be a busy year as always so please put these dates into your calendar to avoid any possible conflicts.  We want to ensure that you and the students won’t miss out on any of our incredible events!  

Please continue to check our website ( for updates and notices.


1. Music Nights & Special EventsCHS Music Logo.jpeg

Music students must attend all Music Night dress rehearsals and concerts.

Please mark the following dates on your calendar.

Make any necessary transportation arrangements for these times.

Do not schedule medical or other appointments on these dates.

Work and sports commitments must be scheduled around these events.

* rehearsals        Dec. 3 & 4        (3:30 - 6:00 pm)

* rehearsals        May 27 & 28        (3:30 - 6:00 pm)

4th Stage NAC          (Gr. 11 parents plan to attend; ticket sales will be available on our website)

Chateau Laurier        (Gr. 12 parents plan to attend; ticket sales will be available on our website)

2. Other Important dates 

3. Concert Reviews      Students will be asked to attend specific concerts at the NAC.  Please keep these dates open.

Gr 9        Sept 14                        Field trip to NAC during school for Beethoven’s 5th rehearsal

Gr 10        Mar. 22 (7:30 pm)        Les Folies de Versailles 13 Strings concert @ Dominion-Chalmers church 

Gr 11        Nov. 21-22 (8:00 pm)        Mozart/Elgar @ NAC Date TBD

        May 27 (7:30 pm)        Opera Amore OSO @ Dominion-Chalmers church

Gr 12        Apr. 17-18 (8:00 pm)        Lisiecki and Ravel @ NAC Date TBD

4. Uniforms & Music Clothing        

* uniforms will be fitted / assigned at the beginning of September during school

        ** clothing deposit & tux shirt cheques should be made payable to CHS Music Parents Support Group

        *** dry cleaning cheques for tuxes should be made out to Canterbury High School

CHS Golf Shirts:

Female students in Canterbury Singers:

Male students in Male Chorus and Canterbury Singers:

Tuxedos for Males in Senior Concert Band, Senior Strings, and Chamber Choir:

Dresses for Ladies in Senior Concert Band, Senior Strings, and Vocum/Chamber Choir:

Jazz Bands:

Music Clothing:

5. Supplies

* A replacement copy of all lost / damaged piano books will be provided at a charge of $20 to the student.

6. Keep up-to-date with REMIND

REMIND is CHS Music Dept.’s main form of communication. It is very easy to sign onto the system.

Download the free REMIND app in the APP store and Google Play store. Join using the code @chsmusdept

You can also use your phone and set yourself up, as if you were about to send a text message.  

Enter this number: 613-702-8802

  Text this message: @chsmusdept


7. Evaluation Policy and Arts Certificates

All Music students will be evaluated in their courses using levels (e.g. 3-, 4, 4+)

Canterbury HS Assessment and Evaluation

        Arts Certificates

In order to receive the following certificates upon graduation, Arts Canterbury students must…

Complete the grade 12 credits in their arts discipline.

Achieve 85% or greater on their transcripts in each of their Gr. 11 Arts Canterbury courses

Achieve 90% or greater on their transcripts in each of their Gr. 12 Arts Canterbury courses

(the exception to this would be if a student was new to the program for their grade 12 year,

in which case only the grade 12 courses will be used)

8. Practising and Studying Privately

By creating a consistent and structured practice routine, you can maximize your results, so every practice session shows improvement. Students are highly encouraged to take one-on-one lessons with a qualified teacher.

Why study privately?

The opportunity to sit for 30-60 minutes each week with a master teacher on a specific instrument provides insight and evaluation that cannot be obtained through any other means. The abilities students gain through private study allow them to get beyond the technical challenges and reach the ultimate goal of joyously making music.

Will I have to practice more if I study privately?

No. As your abilities increase, you’ll require less time to master technical aspects and can begin to focus on solos and materials prescribed by your private teacher. Your practice time will become more efficient.

How do I find a good teacher?

Please contact your music teacher for a recommendation. Students may also want to set up a trial lesson with a new teacher before committing to lessons, to make sure that it’s a proper ‘fit’ for both the teacher and the student.

9. Music Parents Support Group

The Canterbury Music Department is pleased to have an active Parents Support Group. The group meets once a month and plays a vital role in assisting with many logistical aspects of our busy and successful program.

A information meeting for parents of music students will be held on Monday, Sep. 17th @ 7:00 pm in the auditorium.

Please come to find out how you can assist our music students and staff by getting involved in Music Parents activities. Music teachers will also present information on the program.

10. Fundraising

Together, the Canterbury Music Council and Canterbury Music Parent Support Group work hard to fundraise for the program.

A portion of all money raised is reserved in a separate fund for the student to use towards trips, events (recitals/socials), and clothing sanctioned by the Music Dept.

75% of funds raised goes toward the student accounts.

25% goes to the Music Parent Support Group (to support the Music Department in various ways).

Funds are being raised to help with the costs associated with a planned senior trip to Italy in 2018, instruments, as well as implementing new technology into the classroom.

Students must spend the funds in their personal account before the end of their grade 12 year. Any funds remaining are redirected back into the general music fund for the good of the entire program. For information on the student accounts visit this link on our website.

There are two main fundraising programs that are done each year and are listed below.

For more information on these and other fundraisers, please visit this link on our website:


FundScrip is an online gift card program. You purchase cards online for products / retailers you already use and where you already shop. FundScrip pays you a percentage of the value of the card, which will be deposited into your student’s account at Canterbury. Orders are placed every second Monday. Cards are delivered to the school (for pickup in the office) on Friday.


Every year (from October to November), the Canterbury Music Parent Support Group runs a citrus fruit fundraiser. We offer a 20-pound or 40-pound box of either Florida oranges or pink grapefruit. This year’s campaign will run for three weeks, and final orders must be submitted by the end of Friday’s Music Night in December.

Thank you for all of the support you provide to all of us at Canterbury.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.

Yours truly,

The Canterbury Music Department:

Jason Sinkus; James Caswell; Damian McLaughlin; Janice Mah; Beverley Robinson

cc:        Alan Johnson (Principal) and Derek Eyamie (Arts Coordinator)