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The School District of Mauston practices a Balanced Assessment approach to both inform the next steps in instruction to help students achieve the standards and measure progress toward achieving those standards.  Teachers use a variety of assessment tools appropriate for the age of the student (s), the specific learning target, the standards, and curriculum.  Below are the State and District assessment taken by all students.  For more information about how learning is measured in specific grade levels and classes, please contact your child’s teacher.

District and State Assessments - Grades 9-12

ACT Aspire Assessment is part of the suite of assessments offered by the ACT.  The ACT Aspire is an online assessment that measures student performance in English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science on the College and Career Readiness Benchmarks.  Individual Student Reports from spring testing are shared with families in early September; the Individual Student Reports from the fall assessment will be available to families approximately 6-8 weeks after the assessment. The ACT Aspire assessment windows are:

More specific dates will be shared with families closer to the assessment window.

For more information about the ACT Aspire go to: ACT Aspire Families

The state provides all juniors access to the ACT plus Writing during the spring. Many students will also participate in the ACT national test dates that fall on Saturdays. The ACT measures student performance in English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science on the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards.  Scores from the ACT plus Writing will become part of the District and School Report Cards. Juniors will take the ACT on 2/28/17 (Make-Up date 3/22/17).  Results are mailed to students directly from ACT.

For more information about the ACT plus Writing go to: ACT

Students in 11th grade also take the ACT WorkKeys.  The ACT WorkKeys is a workforce readiness assessment that measures student performance in Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.  Juniors will take the WorkKeys in March each year. Certificates and student results are mailed to families in September.

For more information about the ACT WorkKeys go to: ACT WorkKeys


Students in grade 10 take the Forward Exam during the spring window.  This is an annual test that is administered on the computer to measure student achievement of state standards.  Students in grades 10 take the Social Studies section of the Forward Exam.  Individual Student Reports are mailed to families in early fall.  The state window for the Forward Exam is mid March to early May.  Schools will be setting more specific windows and communicating dates with families closer to the opening of the March window.  For more information go to WI DPI Forward.

To graduate, students must also pass a test made up of questions from the INS citizenship test to meet the Wisconsin Civics Graduation Requirement. This assessment is given to student in social studies classes and scheduled throughout the year.  

ACCESS for ELLS - All of our students who are English Language Learners will take the ACCESS assessment.  This is a state assessment that measures student growth in English Language proficiency including speaking, writing, listening and reading.  Identified students take the ACCESS during the December to February window.

Results from this assessment are mailed to parents near the end of April.

For more information about ACCESS go to: ACCESS.

The Dynamic Learning Map Assessment is taken by roughly 1% of our student population and is the alternative state assessment that allows students with significant cognitive disabilities to demonstrate their learning.  Students take this assessment during the Forward Exam and ACT assessment windows. Families will receive an Individual Student Report with test results in September following the assessment.

For more information about the Dynamic Learning Map Assessment go to: DLM