Perfectly Twisted Jewelry Tutorial - Beginner to Intermediate

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Hey hey!  Welcome and thanks for being wonderfully curious!  I hope you enjoy my newest 'freebie', I love creating for you and I love sharing with you!  Click each image to view large and enjoy your wire!

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This free wire pendant tutorial is not as detailed as the ones available from my store, but will be fun for all skill levels!  Please keep in mind that these measures are not 'exact'... I shared this project live and on the fly... please eyeball your own piece and read ahead!  ... Enjoy!

Start with three, 20 gauge, round dead soft wires (frame wires).

A 1 inch focal bead, top drilled.

Lots of 30 g weaving wire.

Some 28 g weaving wire.

:)) Most of my work starts with 13 inches of frame wire... you'll have some trim of about 4 inches, but it will make it easier for threading through the bale and will leave room for your own creative design.

1.  Weave approximately 1.5 inches of 2 / 2 coils.  Create a nice curve, then bend a bare frame wire down and thread your focal bead.  Secure the threaded wire with a couple of wraps, then weave another 1/4 or so 2/2 coils.

2.  Switch weave pattern to 2 frame wires, 5 single coils, 4 double coils...

Do the 5 / 4 wraps until you can reach around the bead... approx 1.5 inches

3.  Use round nose pliers or a 5mm dowel and create a bend for a bail.

4.  Keep weaving 5 / 4 until you can create an attractive curve around the bead.

5.  The weave should reach the bottom bare frame wires.

6.  Carefully get a tight bend, backward, around the two bottom, bare frame wires.  NOTE:  I show weave beyond this bend, but at the end of this project, I actually removed the weave so don't feel you have to do it... read ahead. :))

7.  Start a new 30g wire (4 or 5 feet) and coil on the single bare frame wire until you reach the same bottom intersection. Make sure it curves elegantly around your bead, following the curve in the 5/4 weaved wires.

8.  Make a tight bend backward, follow the 5/4 weaved wires.

9.  This is what you should have at this point.

10.  To add texture, cut a fresh piece of 28g (new gauge to project), approximately 4 feet.  Coil up the top frame wire about 1.5 inches.

11.  Flip the piece over (pay attention now to image 'front side', 'back side')...

Use round nose, take hold at the bale and bend the coiled wire down, follow the 5/4 weaved wire.

12.  Create an elegant curve and continue coiling past the bottom intersection approx 1/2 inch,  then flip the pendant to the front side...

13.  Make a sharp bend in the coiled wire to the front side...

14.  Continue to coil until your wire will reach the top of the stone.

15.  Create an elegant curve, moving toward the bale.

16.  Secure the 28g coiled wire above the stone with one complete loop, ending on the front side of the pendant.

17.  Cut fresh 28g and wrap the two bottom bare frame wires in 5/4 pattern, 1.5 inch.

 18.  Turn the pendant over and make a sharp bend up...

19.  Make a nice curve and feed the weaved 5/4 wires through the bale, to the front.

 20.  Press tight and flat, make sure curves are smooth. Don't cut away any frame wires yet...  Almost done...

21.  Get lovely spirals into your mind...

Trim the top wires to liking... then make your lovely spiral designs.

22.  Turn the pendant to the back side, pass the last coiled wire through to the front.

23.  Turn the pendant to the front side, trim and use the wire to make additional spirals.

24.  Turn to the back side and finish the last two weaved wires....

AH HA! I changed my mind here because I weaved more than I instructed to do, so I removed some weave... decided to end it in a simple double spiral at the bottom. Yes... you CAN remove weave to adjust design... enjoy!

This is your gorgeous pendant!  Add chain, rope or lovely ribbon and enjoy!

Thanks for your support and for sharing my joy!

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