Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v. ( Experimental )






( A.I. ) Take Cover: Lowered chance of A.I. unit(s) use backward cover positions.



( A.I. ) System: Mainly trying to change / get away from the currently very boring slow and static A.I. movement / A.I. behaviour to how it was back in the days.

Fast pace A.I. movement and much shorter cover usage making A.I. hunt you down again!

Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.31 ( Hotfix )



( System ) Script Errors: Fixed several script errors caused by missing A.I. group(s) alive check(s).


( System ) TCL_Radio: Changed A.I. radio request time from 50 to 30 seconds.

( System ) A.I. Movement: Changed A.I. movement system calculations to make user made changes much more effective.


( System ) A.I. Movement: Added vehicle check to apply different A.I. movement calculations to A.I. with and A.I. without vehicle(s).

Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.31 ( W.I.P. )



( A.I. ) Air Cavalry: A.I. unit(s) in helicopter(s) which have available firing positions and able to use their primary weapon to shoot from their helicopter cargo position(s) may will stay with the helicopter to support ground A.I. unit(s).


( System ) Radio: Fixed wrong radio time calculation for initialize A.I. reinforcement request.

( System ) Disable: Fixed several logically wrong A.I. behaviour(s) if “TCL_Freeze” or “TCL_Default” was used.


( System ) Monitor: Added array monitoring script to keep frequently used array(s) small and clean of dead A.I. unit(s).


( System ) Random: Changed some of the random A.I. main combat system values to fixed conditions to make A.I. behave exactly as they should in various situations especially for A.I. movement and A.I. enemy(s) knowledge accuracy calculations.

( A.I. ) Helicopters: Added check to prevent helicopter(s) which are not armed and without cargo unit(s) get requested as reinforcement(s).


( A.I. ) Behaviour: A.I. combat behaviour fine tuning.

( F.X. ) Whiz By: Whiz by sound F.X. was not stopped after bullet impact.

( A.I. ) Static Weapon: A.I. unit(s) will unmount static weapon(s) after losing line of sight to their enemy(s).

( A.I. ) Movement: New and improved A.I. movement algorithm to make A.I. behave more tactical and careful during combat situations.

Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.27 ( Private )



( A.I. ) Rearm: Added A.I. rearm feature.

( A.I. ) Flanking: A.I. group(s) are able to flank their enemy(s).

( A.I. ) Heal / Medic: Added A.I. self heal / medic support feature.

( A.I. ) Animation: A.I. group leader(s) of requested reinforcement(s) will play radio animation during reinforcement request call.

( A.I. ) Fireteams: A.I. group(s) are able to split up into fireteams to advance and attack their enemy(s) from different directions.

( A.I. ) Fire and Flank: A.I. group(s) are able to flank their enemy(s).


( A.I. ) Artillery: Fixed bug to prevent A.I. from walking into artillery firing range.

( A.I. ) Skill: Fixed wrong A.I. skill calculations which resulted in very low A.I. skills.

( A.I. ) Take Cover: Added workaround to prevent script error caused by nil variable.

( System ) Event Handler: Fixed bug where E.H. “FiredMan” was assigned twice to player(s).

( System ) Script Error: Fixed several script errors caused by setting changes of the previous version.

( System ) Zeus: Zeus A.I. group(s) created by client(s) in multiplayer was not initialized correctly. ( Beta / W.I.P. )

( System ) A.I. Stuck: Fixed lot of A.I. stuck problems which was triggered by “A.I. Take Cover” and “A.I. House Search” features.


( System ) Headless Client: Added headless client initialize. ( W.I.P. )

( A.I. ) Take Cover: Added trees walls and buildings to possible cover objects.

( A.I. ) Preset: Added check to not change / overwrite A.I. preset behaviour and speed mode.

( System ) TCL_Mortar.sqf: Moved mortar feature from “TCL_Static_Weapon.sqf” to “TCL_Mortar.sqf”.

( System ) Mixed A.I.: A.I. group(s) with player(s) and lead by A.I. will use full Tactical Combat Link A.I. system.

( System ) Zeus A.I.: Added system to prevent Zeus created A.I. unit(s) / group(s) from using the Tactical Combat Link A.I. movement system.

( System ) Knowledge: A.I. group(s) enemy(s) knowledge will be dynamically lowered after A.I. group(s) lost line of sight to their enemy(s).

( A.I. ) Radio: Requested A.I. reinforcement(s) which arrived at their target location and without enemy knowledge will try to radio other A.I. group(s) of their reinforcement request cycle to get additional intel about the enemy(s).


( A.I. ) Enemy Detection: Changed Tactical Combat Link feature(s) A.I. enemy detection to engine based.

This allows A.I. to use Tactical Combat Link feature(s) more flexible instead of being forced to use them against specific ( mod based ) enemy(s) only.


( A.I. ) Mortar: Improved and optimized A.I. mortar feature.

( A.I. ) Skill: Improved A.I. group(s) leader skill calculation.

( A.I. ) Take Cover: Improved and optimized A.I. cover to cover movement.

( System ) Knowledge: Improved and optimized A.I. enemy knowledge system.

( System ) Scripts: Improved and optimized some of the main A.I. system scripts.

( System ) Debug Markers: A.I. system debug markers will be updated more frequently.

( A.I. ) Movement: Improved A.I. movement system especially if no LOS to their enemy(s).

( A.I. ) C.Q.B.: General A.I. movement and combat behaviour improvements especially in C.Q.B. situations.

( A.I. ) Features: Improved A.I. feature system which makes A.I. unit(s) use features much more frequently and efficient.

( A.I. ) Artillery: Improved A.I. artillery feature to work much more realistic by using engine based conditions and calculations.

( A.I. ) Movement: A.I. group(s) will stay at their current position if all A.I. unit(s) of given A.I. group(s) have full LOS to their enemy(s).

( A.I. ) Movement: Heavily improved A.I. movement calculations and algorithm to make A.I. switch between stop ( do not advance / stay at position ) and advance given by A.I. enemy(s) sight and surrounding terrain / urban areas much more intelligent and dynamic.


The “TCL_AI” and “TCL_System” settings have been changed / modified!

Make sure to update them as well if used somewhere in any mission!

New = Green

Changed = Blue

Removed = Red

( v.1.0.21 )

TCL_AI = [0.1, 0.15, 3, False, 4, 700, True, False, False, True, 170, 2, False];

TCL_System = [0, True, True, True, True, True, True, False];

( v.1.0.27 )

TCL_AI = [1, 0.15, 3, False, 3, 700, True, False, False, True, 170, False];

TCL_System = [0, True, [EAST, WEST, RESISTANCE], True, True, True, 3, True, 0, True, False];

Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.21



( A.I. ) Watch: Fixed wrong command usage which made A.I. keep watching their enemy(s) even if out of sight.


( System ) Settings: Added more settings to ”UserConfig > TCL > TCL_Feature.sqf” settings.

( System ) A.I. Radio: Added A.I. radio check to reinforcement request system.


( A.I. ) Flare: Tweaked time and amount of flares fired by A.I. unit(s).

( A.I. ) Movement: Increased A.I. enemy movement position to be less accurate after A.I. lost line of sight to their enemy(s).

( A.I. ) Shooting Accuracy: Decreased A.I. shooting accuracy.


( System ) A.I. Knowledge: Enhanced main A.I. enemy detection system to be more realistic.

A.I. group(s) which lost contact ( Visible ) to their enemy(s) will now by default loose their enemy knowledge after about 30 - 50 seconds instead of keeping their knowledge up for 3 - 5 minutes.

As soon as A.I. loose their enemy(s) knowledge A.I. group(s) will automatically switch from “COMBAT” to “AWARE” behaviour which results in much faster A.I. group movement.

Still A.I. will try to find their enemy(s) after this time has passed by guessing where their enemy(s) have went by using a very low enemy position accuracy.

( System ) A.I. Skill: Enhanced A.I. general enemy knowledge and reinforcement request time calculation by using A.I. group(s) leader ( general / courage / commanding ) skills.


The “TCL_AI” and “TCL_Tweak” settings have been changed / modified!

Some of the settings have been moved to new setting files ( TCL_IQ and TCL_Radio ) for better reading and understanding.

Make sure to update them as well if used somewhere in any mission!

Removed = Red ( v.1.0.19 )

TCL_AI = [0.1, 0.15, 3, [3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000], False, 4, 700, True, False, False, True, 170, 2, False];

TCL_Tweak = [50, 50, 300, 1, 35, 0, 100, 1];

New setting files: ( v.1.0.21 )

New / Added = Green



TCL_IQ = [0, 100, 1];

                           TCL_Tweak               TCL_AI

                                   |                                 |

TCL_Radio = [True, 50, [3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000] ];

TCL_Tweak and TCL_AI: ( v.1.0.21 )

TCL_Tweak = [50, 300, 1, 35];

TCL_AI = [0.1, 0.15, 3, False, 4, 700, True, False, False, True, 170, 2, False];

Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Changelog v.1.0.19



( A.I. ) Artillery Support: Script error while using T.C.L. without “TCL_Sound.pbo” or script based.

( A.I. ) Helicopter: None armed helicopters return to their original position after cargo A.I. unit(s) unload was finished.

( A.I. ) Helicopter: Changed A.I. helicopter ranking order to prevent helicopter crew will be switched to A.I. group leader.


( A.I. ) Artillery Support: Restricted to vehicles kind of “Tank” only.

( System ) A.I. Group Types: Added new A.I. group type “TCL_Freeze” which exclude given A.I. group(s) from moving to their enemy(s) position and “TCL_Default” which excludes A.I. group(s) from requesting and be requested as reinforcement(s).

Note: Those A.I. group types have been included to prevent mission breaking by any kind of A.I. movement and reinforcement request.

A.I. group(s) using those group types are still using all A.I. combat features.

( System ) UserConfig: Added check to prevent error message if no “UserConfig > TCL” folder is used.

( System ) Settings: All settings can be set in the “Init.sqf” of the given mission.

If this way is used setting files from given “UserConfig > TCL” file will be ignored.

( System ) Settings: Started adding settings to ”UserConfig > TCL > TCL_Feature.sqf” settings.


TCL_KnowsAbout.sqf: Main enemy detection script loops from 5 second loops to 1 second loops.

Several script and function codes.


( A.I. ) Artillery Support: Restricted to vehicles kind of “Tank” only.

Enhanced: ( Features )

( A.I. ) Artillery: Full re-worked and realistic artillery feature.

( A.I. ) Take Cover: Improved A.I. unit(s) cover stance to fit cover object height.

( A.I. ) Request Time: Increased time A.I. need to request reinforcement(s).

( A.I. ) Static Weapon: A.I. unit(s) assigned to static mortars do fire if enemy(s) are known and do fire for effect.


The “TCL_AI” and “TCL_System” settings have been updated / modified!

Make sure to update them as well if used somewhere in any mission!

New = Red

Changed = Blue

TCL_AI = [0.1, 0.15, 3, [3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000], False, 4, 700, True, False, False, True, 170, 2, False];

Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Changelog v.1.0.17



( System ) Rating: A.I. helicopters wasn't rated correctly.

( System ) A.I. Reinforcement Request: Depending on which A.I. side was set to be friendly to another A.I. side ( Independent Allegiance ) sometimes wrong A.I. reinforcement(s) side was requested.

( System ) A.I. Map Marker Debug: Fixed bug where re-spawnde A.I. group(s) failed to get initialized by the A.I. Map Marker Debug.

( System ) Script Based: Fixed bug where Script Based initialize used “Sound F.X.” from AddOn Based “TCL_Sound.pbo”.

( A.I. ) Regroup: Script syntax error after A.I. unit(s) regrouped caused by deleted A.I. group.

( A.I. ) Artillery Support: A.I. artillery did not fire because of wrong friendly within firing range command usage.

( A.I. ) Garrison: A.I. which was about to garrison buildings was stopped right after detecting enemy(s) during building garrison.

( A.I. ) Reinforcement: A.I. reinforcement request sometimes was executed multiple times for the same A.I. group instead of once only.

( System ) A.I. Spawn: Re-wrote of the A.I. spawn initialize system which fixed script errors caused by not properly initialized spawned A.I. unit(s). Tested with over 170 spawned A.I. vs A.I. unit(s) using all features of Tactical Combat Link at the same time.


( System ) Initialize: It is now possible to initialize the A.I. combat system of Tactical Combat Link with each A.I. unit(s).

The react to weapon fire and react to suppressed fire will stay restricted to player(s) only.

( System ) Setting: Added setting to the “TCL_System” settings to enable / disable the A.I. vs A.I. combat system.

( System ) A.I. Group Type: Added new A.I. Group Type to exclude specific A.I. unit(s) / group(s) from using the A.I. vs A.I. combat system initialize by using “TCL_Idle”.

( System ) Disable: Added switch to disable initialize of Tactical Combat Link by using <TCL_Preprocess = False;> without “< >” from the mission “Init.sqf” or any other init field.


Changed: A.I. artillery firing range.

Changed: Many 1 second while do loops to 5 seconds.

Changed: A.I. line of sight check from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Changed: System initialize to none C.B.A. requirement. Thanks to .kju

Changed: Amount of A.I. unit(s) in vehicle(s) using smoke while unassigning the vehicle(s) to prevent vehicle(s) with huge amount of cargo unit(s) using too many smoke shells.

Enhanced: ( Features )

( A.I. ) House Search: A.I. unit(s) / group(s) spread out to do house search much more often and effectively after their known enemy(s) was killed.

( A.I. ) Artillery Support: Added function to prevent A.I. unit(s) / group(s) friendly to the requested artillery move straight into its firing range.

Optimized: ( Code and Syntax )

( A.I. ) Visible Enemy Detection: Changed eyePos lineIntersects and terrainIntersectASL to targetKnowledge.

Much faster results and optimized in terms of code performance.

( A.I. ) Take Cover: A.I. unit(s) will not use "nearestTerrainObjects" command while within cover search range.

Cover objects will be cached once only while given A.I. unit(s) are within the given cover search range which currently is set to 30 meters.

Huge step in terms of code performance and still much more potential when it comes to code optimization.

Cover search function will exit after the first cover object which fully fits all conditions was found which reduces almost every A.I. cover search loop from 10 - 30 to 1 - 10 checked cover objects.

( A.I. ) Take Cover: Once more huge code and syntax optimization!

( A.I. ) Spawn: Spawned A.I. group(s) wil be initialized right after the last A.I. unit of the spawned A.I. group was created.

( A.I. ) Vehicle Check: Changed A.I. unit(s) vehicle check to <isNull objectParent _unit>.

( System ) Optimization: General code and syntax optimization in many other parts of the mod.

Most of those optimizations should be not noticeable but free up some huge space in terms of code reading and execution performance.