Members highlights 2017:

2017 State Clout Championships Nov: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Ben Souchaud (BRUB), Gabbie Smith (BRIG), Jack Chambers-McLean (BRIB), Lilia Hutchinson (BRMW), Silver: Joshua Calandruccio (CU20M), Stirling Calandruccio (RMM), Bronze: Benjamin Calandruccio (RM), Kristian Chambers-McLean (BRM), 

2017 National Target Championships Nov: Gold: Maria Wright - Field / Clout & F50/1440Target events (CV+W), Silver: Carmelo Aslanidis - Field (RM), Maria Wright - F50/900 (CV+W). NSW Recurve Team also won Gold, with Carmelo Aslanidis & Leanne Spencer being part of the team.

2017 Troy Adams Memorial Clout Oct: Gold: Ben Souchaud (BRUB), Gabbie Smith (BRIG), Mitchell Campbel (CIB), Jack Chambers-McClean (RCM), Jessica Hutchinson (BRU20W), Joshua Calandruccio (CU20M), Lilia Hutchinson (BRMW), Bronze: Benjamin Calandruccio (RM), Stirling Calandruccio (RMM)

2017 NSW Open Team Announced Oct: Congraulations to Carmelo Aslanidis & Leanne Spencer for being named in the NSW State Recurve Team to contest the Teams event at the 2017 Open Nationals being held in Westeran Australia early November.

2017 State Target Championships Oct: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Maria Wright (CV+W), Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB), Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M), James Johnstone (RM), 

2017 Fred Herbert Clout Oct: Gold: Ben Souchaud (BRUB), Gabbie Smith (BRIG), Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Maria Wright (CV+W), Silver: Massimo Llana (BRUB), Stirling Calandruccio (RMM), Alan Nolan (RVM), Bronze: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Krisitian Chambers-McLean (BRM), Mariano Llana (BRMM)

2017 State Field Championships Sept: Gold: Jack Chambers-Mclean (RIB), Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Silver: Leanne Spencer (RW)

2017 South Coast Field Aug: Silver: Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

2017 Illawarra Field Shoot Aug: Silver: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB)

2017 Metropolitan Championships Aug: Silver: Leanne Spencer Divn 2 (RW)

2017 Lake Macquarie Field Shoot Aug: Silver: Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

2017 National Indoor Championships July: Silver: Kane Wilson (U20M), Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Maria Wright (CV+W)

2017 State Indoor Championships July: Gold: Kane Wilson (RU20M), Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Maria Wright (CV+W), Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB).

2017 NSW Short Course Distance Championships July: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M), James Johnstone (RM), Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB), Lilia Hutchinson (RMW)

2017 World Youth Championships, Argentia: Team announcement - Kane Wilson (RU20M) selected

2017 Liverpool Short Distance Championships June: Gold: Lilia Hutchinson (RMW), Mitchell Campbell (CUB)

2017 National Matchplay Finals June: Silver to James Johnstone (RM),

2017 Northern Junior Challenge May: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Jack Chambers-McLean (RIB), Bronze: Gabbie Smith (RIG)

2017 Jim Scott Clout, Illawarra May: Gold: Maria Wright (CV+W), Simon Hayman (BRVM), Ben Souchaud (RUB), Jack Chambers-McLean (BRIB), Ben Calandruccio (BRM), Cynthia Leung (RMW), Lilia Hutchinson (BRMW) - Silver: Stirling Calandruccio (RM), Alan Nolan (RVM), Warringah Archers also picked up the Jim Scott Memorial Trophy.

2017 Black Snake Challenge, Liverpool May: Mitchell Campbell (CUB) Gold

2017 World Cup, Shanghai China May: Kane Wilson competed for Australia

2017 Youth Nationals, Victoria April: Medal winners were: Clout: Silver - Ben Souchaud (BRUB), Gold - Jack Chambers-McLean (BRIB). Field: Bronze for both Bobby Barr-Jones (CUB) & Kane Wilson (RU20M). Target: Bronze - Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Gold - Kane Wilson (RU20M), Short Course: Bronze Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Gold - Kane Wilson (RU20M)

2017 NSW Olympic Athlete Grant recipient April: Jack Chambers-McLean

2017 National Club Challenge: Gold: Maria Wright (CV+W), Silver: Jeffrey Smith (LM), Bronze: Mitchell Campbell (CUB), Joshua Calandruccio (CU20M), Cynthia Leung (RMW),

2017 NSW Youth Team Announced March: Kane Wilson, Carmelo Aslanidis, Jack Chambers-McLean, Bobby Barr-Jones & Mitchell Campbell, named in team.

2017 Asia Cup, Bangkok March: James Johnstone & Kane Wilson competed for Australia

2017 Australian Open Individual Event March: James Johnstone (RM), Bronze and in the Open Male Recurve Team Matchplay, James Johstone, Kane Wilson teamed up with Sam Strickland (QLD) to win Silver.

2017 Warringah Open Individual Divisions Feb: Clinton Wright (CM) Gold, Maria Wright (CW) Bronze, Leanne Spencer (RW) Silver & Kane Wilson (RM) Gold Recurve.

2017 Warringah Open Womens Team: Maria Wright, Julia Wright, Leanne Spencer & Kiri Blinkhorne

2017 Warringah Open Mens Recurve Team Winners Feb: Kane Wilson, Leanne Spencer, Carmelo Aslanidis & Simon Mei

2017 ACT Championships: James Johnston (RM) Silver, Kane Wilson (RU20M) Gold, Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M) Bronze, Leanne Spencer (RW) Bronze, Bobby Barr-Jones (CUB) Gold & Mitchell Campbell (CUB) Silver.

2017 ACT Matchplay Championships: James Johnstone (RM) Gold in the Matchplay competition