Catalogue of British Artists and works concerning the Spanish Civil War:  

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Acland, Anne (D,1992)

‘Help them to Forget’ (1937)

The People’s History Museum, 74 x 52cm, off-set lithograph on paper.

Armstrong, John (1893-1973)

‘Pro Patria’ (1938)

‘The Empty Street’ ( 1938)

Imperial War Museum, Tempera on Plywood, Height 75.8 x 93.6 cm, Imperial War Museum,

Private collection,50.8 x 40.6 cm, Tempera on board.

Ashbee, Felicity (1913-2008)

‘They Face Famine in Spain: Send Medical Supplies’(1937)

‘They Face Famine in Spain: They Need Clothes’ (1937)

‘They Face Famine in Spain: Milk’ (1937)

All Published by the National Joint Committee for Spanish Relief, thePeople’s History Museum.

 76.3 x 52.1cm,76.3 x 51.6 cm, 76.3 x 52 cm off-set lithographs on paper.

Banting, John (1902-72)

‘Absolution:Spanish Civil War’(c.1937-9)

Collection Adrian Dannatt, NewYork, 25.4 x 19.1cm, Red ink on paper mounted on board

Bell, Quentin

‘May Day Procession with Banner’( July  1937)

The Faringdon Collection Trust, 57x 41cm,Oil on canvas.

Boswell, James (1906-1971)

‘What!Not murdered the Spanish Workers Yet?’(1936)

13x18.5cm,Drawing,reproduced in Left Review

Brangwyn, Frank(1867-1956)

‘Poster:For the Relief of Women and Children in Spain’ (1936-7)

Published by General Relief Fund for Distressed Women and Children in Spain, Leicestershire County Council Artworks Collection 155 x 105cm, lithograph

Branson, Clive (1907-44)

‘Selling the Daily Worker outside Projectile Engineering Works (1937)

Tate: (Bequeathed by Noreen Branson) 2004, 40.6 x 50.7cm, Oil on canvas

Browne, Felicia (1904-36)

‘Self Portrait’

‘Spanish Peasant Woman (standing)’ (1936)

‘Spanish Peasant Woman (seated)’ (1936)

‘Drawings of Spanish Militiamen and Women’, [reproduced by lawrence and Wishart London] (1936)

‘Peasant Woman’ (1936) [collection of Fred Mann]

All Private Collection:

33 x 23 cm, 28 x 19.7 cm, 28 x 19.7 cm, all Pencil on paper.

15.5 x 11.4cm, Pencil on paper.

Burra, Edward(1905-1976)

‘The Watcher’ (c.1937)

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art,102 x 67cm,Watercolour on paper.

Evans, Merlyn (1910-73)

‘Tyrannopolis’(The Protestors) (July 1938-July1939)

The Sherwin Collection ,76 x 91.5cm ,Oil on canvas.

Finney, Hubert(1905-2003)

‘Spanish Prisoner of War’, (1938)

Private collection Brighton , 46 x 38cm,Watercolour and pencil on paper.

Fitton, James

Miscellaneous Cartoons

The Left Review (1934-8)

Grant, Duncan

5 designs for posters of Spanish Civil War, ‘Save 50,000 children; Donations, etc’.

Charleston Trust. © Estate of Duncan Grant

Gowing, Lawrence

‘Non-Combatant’s [copy of Goya’s plate 26 from 'The Disasters of War'] (c.1938)

Oil on Canvas, The Faringdon Collection Trust

Hastings, Viscount (John Huntingdon) (1901-90)

‘Spanish Militia’ (1937)

Location Unknown

Hayter, Stanley William(1901-1988)

‘Ayuda a España’( Greeting card for 1937-8)1937

Collection of Alexander Patricia and Tresillian Hayter, proceeds for the sale of this print donated to the Spanish Children’s Fund ,Edition of 200 8 x 6.1cm

Hepworth, Barbara

‘Project: Monument to the Spanish Civil War’ (1938-9)

Destroyed in WW2

Holland, James

‘You Can't Make em’ mad with a rag like that’

Lewis, Wyndham (1882-1957)

‘Count your Dead-They Are Alive’(1937)

‘The Surrender of Barcelona’(1934-7)

Estate of Mrs G.A Wyndham Lewis 83.8 x 59.7cm Oil on canvas.  

Low, David

Miscellaneous Cartoons

The Evening Standard

Moore, Henry (1898-1986)

‘Spanish Prisoner’(1939)

Uneditioned proofs on English cartridge The Henry Moore Foundation: 1977, 36.5 x 30.5 cm, lithograph in various colours.

Morton, Alistair ( 1910-1953)

‘Spanish Civil War’, (1939)

Private Collection .68.6 x 91.4 cm,Oil on canvas.

McCannell, Ursula (B.1923)

‘Untitled’( Spanish Mother and Child) (1936)

‘Family of Beggars’(1939)

‘Fleeing Family’(1940)

Marcus Rees Roberts, 61 x 50cm,108 x 79cm, both Oil on board.

The Haines Collection ,86 x 60cm ,Oil on board.

McKnight Kauffer, Frank E.

‘Help Wounded Human Beings’ (c.1937)

Victoria and Albert Museum, 57.5cm x 42.3cm, Gouache on Paper.

McWilliam, F.E. (1909-92)

‘Spanish Head’ (1938-9)

‘The Long Arm’ (1939)

‘Chamberlain Mask’(1938)

The Sherwin Collection, Hoptonwood Stone, 120 x 61 x 23 cm.

Limewood, height 185cm.

Painted papier-mache, 19 x 12 cm The Murray Family Collection

Middleton, Colin (1910-1983)

‘Spain Dream Revisited’(1938)

Private Collection (Karen Reihill Fine Art) 61 x 51cm,Oil on canvas .

Penrose, Roland

‘The Veteran’ (1938)

New Orleans Museum of Art

Peri, Peter (Lazlo)

‘Save Spain’ (1937)

Kunstmuseum, Bochum Germany, Coloured Concrete

Rose, Sir Francis

‘The Reds aren’t Bad Sorts’ (September 1936)

England & Co Gallery, Gouache on paper, 22 x 17.5 inches

Russell Flint, William

‘In their Own Homes - Spain’s Agony of Civil War’.

Location Unknown, piece was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1938 and the proceeds taken by it were donated to the AGBI. (According to Flint’s autobiography)

Thornycroft, Priscilla

‘All Friends Spain Week’

‘Arms for Spain’ (1937)

‘'The Defence of Spain Against Fascism and Foreign Invasion’ (1937-1938)

Private Collection

Trevelyan, Julian (1910-88)

‘Spain’(1936) ( printed 1972)

Courtesy the Bohun Gallery ,Henley-on-Thames,15.6 x 25.4cm, Gouache and intaglio print on paper.

Wragg, Arthur

‘Holy-Mother is this thy Will?’

Cover of The Tribune 8th January 1937.


‘Help Spain’ (1937)

Working Class Movement Library


‘Help Spain’s Refugees’

Published by NJCSR

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