The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition program to encourage students to unleash their creative talents and be inspired. It offers the students the opportunity to tap into their critical thinking and express themselves in six different art categories and receive positive recognition for their original works of art inspired by the annual theme.

This year's theme is -  “I am Hopeful Because…”

Students may choose one or all of the available art categories:

●        Dance Choreography

●        Film Production

●        Literature

●        Music Composition

●        Photography

●        Visual Arts (2D and 3D)

School Grade Divisions:

●       High School (Grade 9-12)

●       Special Artist (All Grades)

For more details and guidelines please visit Wake County and North Carolina PTA Websites. Please make sure you follow all the rules and presentation guidelines to avoid disqualification.


Students may enter as many pieces as they would like, in one or all art categories.

Submit a Student Participation Form for EVERY piece submitted, for judging.  Please make sure to read the General Participation Rules and the Art Specific Rules.

Please fill out this intent form. This will help us determine how many judges are required based on the number of interests.

Please read the following instructions carefully before you fill out the GLHS Student Participation Form online.

Step 1: Please make sure you are signed into parent's personal gmail or are using parent's personal email (no work emails, or student school emails please) when completing this form. Parent & Student need to complete the form together (including uploading artwork).

Step 2: Before submitting, right click and print the first page. Please have the Parent/Guardian print and sign this page.

Step 3: Turn a scanned copy of the parent-signed page & your digital artwork in to your Reflections Chair's email

(REQUIRED: Parent Signatures are needed for acceptance of submission).

This link is ONLY valid for Green Level High School.  Please do not use this link to submit artwork for any other schools.

 All the artwork must be submitted by October 11th, 2023 by 11:59 pm

**No entries will be accepted after this date.**

Questions??  email :