Downieville Area Overall Assessment

May 19th 2023

High elevation trails(above 5000 feet) are still snowed out.

Spring is here and trails are getting cleared! The Pro Trail Crew has cleared out the trees below the snowline on all the trails.

Downieville Area Trails:

Sunrise (top of Downieville Downhill) - SNOW

Gold Valley Rim Trail - SNOW

Butcher Ranch (Downieville Downhill) - SNOW

Pauley Creek - SNOW

Big Boulder - SNOW

Third Divide - CLEAR

Second Divide - CLEAR

First Divide - CLEAR

North Yuba (Downieville to Goodyear’s Bar) - CLEAR

North Yuba (Goodyear’s Bar to Rocky Rest Campground) - CLEAR

Downie River - SNOW

Herkimer Mine/Bunker Hill - SNOW

Rattlesnake Creek - SNOW

Lavezzola Creek - SNOW at 46800 and clear below

Fiddle Creek Ridge - CLEAR

Halls Ranch - CLEAR

Chimney Rock - SNOW

Empire Creek - SNOW

Graeagle & Lakes Basin Trails:

Mills Peak - SNOW trees down above the bench

Tamarack - SNOW

Upper Salmon - SNOW

Sierra Buttes - SNOW

Sardine Lake Overlook - SNOW

Oakland Pond - SNOW

Mt. Elwell - SNOW

Round Lake - SNOW

Bear Lakes Loop - SNOW

Grassy Lake Trail - SNOW

Long Lake - SNOW

Gray Eagle Creek - SNOW patches and trees down

Smith Creek - SNOW

Jamison - SNOW