11 Honors English At a Glance

This course is a survey of American life viewed through the experiences of numerous diverse literary and historic characters. Students will be expected to discuss and write about these experiences and characters as well as their own experiences, opinions, and character. Print knowledge, phonological awareness, and word analysis are all concepts assumed to be mastered at earlier levels per State of Nebraska guidelines. We will be working to enhance vocabulary, writing techniques, and critical thinking skills. Assigned essay formats will include persuasive, critical thinking, informative, reaction, response to literature and others. The use of correct essay forms will be emphasized as well as MLA documentation. By the end of first semester students will have written a minimum of 30 typed publishable pages and read four major works of literature as well as several shorter works. By the end of the second semester students will have written an additional 50 typed publishable pages and an additional five major works of literature as well as several poetic works. There will be at least one major non-writing project requiring some form of presentation per semester. This is an honors class, and as such critical and independent thinking skills will be emphasized over rote practice of pedestrian material with the assumption that such redundancy is unnecessary.

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