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COVID-19: Testing policy
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COVID-19 Testing Policy

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COVID-19 testing policy



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4th March 2021


Jonny Bottomley (CEO)

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Aljona Kopp (Registered Care Manager)

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June 5th 2021

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In alignment with the most recent guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care, our policy regarding COVID-19 testing has been revised. We kindly ask all our carers and the care management team to adhere strictly to these updated instructions. By diligently following this policy, we can significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Your cooperation, communication, and team spirit are greatly appreciated. We assure you that we continue to strive to provide the best possible support to all.

Policy aligns its infection control strategy with guidelines from the Department of Health and Social Care. With recent changes in these guidelines, our carers and office-based teams are no longer required to undertake routine weekly PCR tests. Testing is now required only if symptoms of COVID-19 are displayed. Testing can be conducted using PCR tests or rapid antigen tests, whichever is most accessible and convenient for you.

Each test will come with a guide - please make sure you read this thoroughly as it instructs you on how to complete your test.

Remember to register your test on the same day that you conduct it. If you do not register, you will not get your results. Register your test here:

Once you have received your test results, input the results via this form: It is of utmost importance that you attach a photo of your test to the form. This allows us to validate your test results.


Identify your nearest Royal Mail priority postbox (5 to 10 mins) before conducting the swab test.

Register your test kit online (10 to 15 minutes). Registration is mandatory to receive your test results. Register here: (’s unique ID: 45793791).

Conduct the swab sample test (5 to 10 minutes).

Post your completed test kit.

Receive test results via text and email (within 2 days).

Fill in the Edyn care test result form here: - please attach a photo of your test result.

Have your test results confirmed in the carer call to ensure that the test has been completed, registered, and results added.


When to take tests

Only if you start showing symptoms

Should you begin to display symptoms of COVID-19, please conduct either a PCR test or a rapid antigen test immediately and follow the above procedure. You will be unable to commence or return to your care package until we receive your test result.

Emergency cover

In circumstances where a carer is unable to obtain a PCR or rapid antigen test in time for an emergency placement, a test will be arranged privately whilst we await the result. The carer, during this time, can continue working with the client but must maintain a suitable distance from the client where possible and wear appropriate PPE at all times.

Reporting your test results

Once you have completed your tests, please input test results via this form: It is very important that you attach a photo of your test to the form. This is to ensure we can verify your test results.

Storage of Test Results

All test results will be stored in our COVID-19 matrix, enabling a comprehensive view of the testing status and COVID-19 status of all carers. This information will come from the form completed by the carers, and the details will be automatically added to the file and update the relevant matrix fields.

Carer or client displaying symptoms:

In the event of a carer displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (new continuous cough, high temperature and / or loss of taste or smell) then both carer and client are to complete a test. Carer and client are then to follow our isolation process outlined below and call the coronavirus helpline on 119 if symptoms worsen and report any updates to the office.

How to reduce your chances of catching Coronavirus

Although people of all ages can get coronavirus, those of use who are elderly or have pre existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease are at higher risk of becoming severely ill if we contract the infection. Since these categories will include many of our clients, please ensure you follow below:

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