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What is the travelling habits of Singaporeans in Hong Kong?


This report examines the behaviour of Singaporean tourists in Hong Kong. The data is found from existing research reports and several popular Singaporean travel blogs.


Singaporeans predominantly travel to Hong Kong for leisure reasons. However, a significantly large amount travel for business reasons.

Table 1. Breakdown of Singaporean travelers compared to Southeast Asian travellers

Travel purpose

Percentage of Singapore (2017)

Percentage of Southeast Asian travellers (2017)




Visiting friends/ relatives









In recent years, the number of Singaporean visitors to Hong Kong has been declining. Between the first quarter of 2017 and 2018, the number of Singaporean visitors have declined by 4.1%, according to Immigration Department of Hong Kong[1]. While this is in stark contrast to the overall number of visitors, which increased by 9.6% during the same period, overall Southeast Asian travellers to Singapore has declined by 1.7%. A large driver to the growth in the number of visitors overall is mainland China visitors to Hong Kong, which contributed to a staggering 80% of all foreign visitors[2].

Between 2016 and 2017, the number of leisure travellers declined from about 61% to 59%. While Hong Kong has slightly lost its appeal as a leisure destination, business visitors have been bolstering overall visitor numbers from Singapore.

It is also evident that the number of young Singaporean travelers in Hong Kong has been static in the past years. Most visitors are of the 36 - 45 years old category and this segment increased from representing 24% to 33% of overall Singaporean travellers to the country. Other segments experienced significant decline or at best a plateau in growth during the same period. This further corroborates Hong Kong’s appeal to be more of a business destination rather than one for leisure.

Amount of time and money spent in Hong Kong

On average, Singaporean visitors spend about 3.3 nights visiting Hong Kong[3]. This is slightly lower than other short-haul travellers who spend about 3.5 nights and significantly lower compared with long-haul travellers who spend about 3.8 nights every trip. Despite that, Singaporeans are the second highest spender amongst Southeast Asian travellers at HKD 6,342 per capita, slightly behind Thai travellers who each spend about HKD 6,876. Another evidence that leisure Singaporean travellers in Hong Kong are dwindling is the spending of HKD 5,803 per capita versus business travellers at HKD 7,856.

How Singaporeans spend their money

Singaporean holidaymakers spend significant amount of their budget on shopping, allocating about a third of their spending on it. This activity however, has been losing popularity amongst Singaporeans whose purse strings have been tightened for this activity in the past few years. Hotel and entertainment, on the other hand, have been the major areas of spending and have been increasing amongst Singaporeans. This may indicate Singaporeans growing interest in having unique overseas experience rather than material enjoyment compared to other Southeast Asian travellers who still spend significant amount of their money on shopping.

Business travellers are even more frugal with their budget, spending a decreasing proportion of their wallet on shopping. In 2017, a mere 13.7% of business travellers spend time shopping in Hong Kong. Hotel spending by Singaporean business travellers has been increasing and represent more than half of all expenses made in the country.

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