8th Grade Homework Sheet 2018

Reading (Shaw):

In class  A Christmas Carol 

Homework: Read for 20 minutes.

Language (Hake):

Friday (complete outline packet)

Homework: complete outline packet if not finished in class on Friday

Science (Zoelzer):

In class: Ecosystem Notes and Activities

Homework: Study for Monday’s Ecology Test

S. Studies (Gehant):

Chapter 24 test corrections due Tuesday

Math (Sommers)


P.2: Lesson 3-2 Day #1 Slope → HW: WS 3-2 #1-8

P.3-8: Lesson 3-6 Day #3 Finding Slope Intercept from Real World Scenarios → HW: WS 3-6 FINISH

ACL Math @ MHS: Linear programming review

Math (Barajas):

In class: 3.5 notes day 2

Homework: 3.5  worksheet #2

Reading (Schaefer):

In class: Holiday Reading Game; Library Day
HW: Read 15 min over the weekend

Exploratory homework: Computers: See www.schoology.com

Please distribute copies to:  Younger (bandroom), Detention S.H., Kreiser, counselor, main office