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Covid-19 Update - Persimmon Ridge Campus
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Information about the Club response to Covid 19 will be displayed here. Please check back frequently for updates concerning our Clubs:

Update 3/27/2020

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with some of the steps we have taken, in particular as it pertains to golf carts.  We have been working to find a solution and we feel like we have found something reasonable.  We are in the process of disinfecting our golf carts with a solution of bleach and water.  We found this solution from the CDC website for cleaning and disinfecting.

While we will continue to recommend you walk when you play golf, beginning tomorrow (Saturday, March 28th) we are going to offer our golf carts for rent again.  We believe that we can spray our carts down with this solution after each round.  While it is supposed to be very effective in killing this virus, please keep in mind this is not our area of expertise and we are in no way guaranteeing these carts are free from the virus.  You are assuming a level of responsibility and risk if you choose to rent a golf cart.

Secondly, our state agencies have made more changes to what we can offer from our F&B Operations.  If you missed the information, we are no longer allowed to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on site.  This includes for golfers on the golf course.  You are also not allowed to bring your own alcohol onto our premises.

Our government does not want anyone consuming alcohol while at the facility as they feel it reduces attentiveness to social distancing.  We ask that you abide by these rules and if you are found bringing alcoholic beverages onto our premises we will ask you to leave.  We have heard reports that they are making site visits and have also handed out some hefty fines to people.

What do we need from you to do your part in all of this?  

These are certainly difficult times for everyone.  We are happy that you are at least able to get out and still enjoy some time on the golf course.  As it has been all along through this process, things  may change daily.  Thank you again for your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these uncertain times!



Steve Shafer, PGA
Director of Golf

Update 3/21/2020:

I hope this email finds you well and staying safe!  It has been really great seeing so many of you getting out and enjoying golf safely.  We want to thank you for cooperating with the new protocols and also for all the positive comments toward us for our efforts.

That being said, yesterday evening our Governor issued a new statement and specifically addressed golf courses.  He asked that we close our indoor facilities and that we also discontinue the usage of golf carts.  He indicated that he wanted to keep golf courses open as much as possible but he also reiterated that we must comply with CDC guidelines and his recommendations for us to do so.

Per his recommendations, here is a list of additional items we will begin instituting tomorrow:

Our Food and Beverage operations will continue to offer carry-out service.  If you have not seen the communications regarding alcoholic beverages, they are allowed to sell them on a limited basis with carry out meals and they may also provide them to our golfers while they are here playing golf.  We just cannot allow anyone to congregate in groups.  Below are links to our updated F&B Menus on our websites.

These are challenging times.  Together we will get through them and we want you to know that your safety and the safety of our employees is our top priority.  It is for that reason we will continue to follow all recommendations and directives from our government officials and the CDC.   Please be patient with our staff as everyone is working hard and doing their best to get through this.

Thank you again for your cooperation and support!  We hope to see you out enjoying golf safely soon!

Update 3/18/2020:

Yesterday evening our Governor issued a new statement that businesses that could not comply with the CDC guidelines should close.  We have been working diligently to follow those guidelines but we need to make a couple more changes in order to fully do so and to be able to remain open.  Here is a list of additional items we will begin instituting tomorrow:

Specifically with regards to golf carts, our fleets are limited and we may run short on carts on very busy days.  We will be allowing golfers to use carts on a first come, first serve basis and will not be “reserving” carts for later tee times.  We also would like to ask those who have their cart covers on a cart to please remove them on your next visit to the club as we will need all carts available.

As it relates to the cups on the greens.  We are suggesting that you consider a ball that hits the cup and remains within a foot (or standard grip length) of the hole to be considered holed.  We are seeking clarification from the USGA but you should be able to post your score as that is considered the score you most likely would have had.

I understand that some of these measures may seem extreme, however we are making sure we comply with the CDC guidelines and the Governors directives.  We hope that by doing these things we can continue to offer you and your family a safe and healthy option for spending your time without spreading this virus.

Message From our Clubs 3/16/2020:

For now our clubs are going to remain open for golf.  With today’s order from the Governor, our F&B operations will no longer be able to serve food and beverages in the dining rooms, however we will be offering curbside to go orders.  The set up at each club is a little different and may change daily so call each club for specifics.

We have also been taking extra precautions and have equipped each of our departments with disinfectants to perform extra daily cleaning and disinfecting.  Some examples of things we are doing are: wiping down golf cart steering wheels, drink holders, seats, inside door handles and high touch points, etc…  We have also installed hand sanitizer dispensers in the golf shops.  We have removed: rakes, water coolers from the golf course and scorecards, pencils, sand bottles from the golf carts.  We will give you a pencil, tees, a scorecard but they will no longer be out for everyone to stick their hands into the “bin”.

While we are working diligently to keep things clean and safe, we need your help also.  Please be conscientious and courteous of your fellow by following the social hygiene protocols as set forth by the CDC.  Please utilize the hand sanitizer stations when entering the golf shops  Please discard any personal items, tissues, napkins that you have used.  Please use your GHIN App to post your scores.  Don’t remove the flagsticks from the get the idea.

Information For Persimmon Ridge (as of 3/16/2020):

-Persimmon Ridge Bar and Grill will remain closed to the membership and guests, but we will be selling food and beverages through the to-go window located in the breezeway. If you would like to place a carry-out order please call the grill room and pick it up through the window. Or if you are out golfing just place a snack, drink order, food order at the to-go window located in the breezeway. We will only accept member numbers and credit/debit cards only. No cash handling.

-Food and Beverage Operations will be from 12 pm to 7:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday. Last carry-out order will need to be placed by 7 p.m.

-This is subject to change based on developing information daily from the State and Federal levels regarding covid-19 and food and beverage operations.

-Persimmon Ridge Golf Club will follow all health and sanitary practices to make sure our employees, membership and guests are safe.