#187 - Into the Nexus: “I have a big but here”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Quest Kill Choices


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First Impressions Junkrat

Trait - Total Mayhem

Basic Abilities

Frag Launcher (Q)

Concussion Mine (W)

Steel Trap (E)

Heroic Abilities

RIP-Tire (R)

Rocket Ride (R)

Live Balance 10/9/17



K2 has had his Heroic Frost Blast CD and cost reduced by 10. As for talents: Strip Shields Shield amount is up. Icy Grasp now increases Frost Nova’s slow by a full 2 seconds. And Chain-Link now also refunds the Mana cost of Chains in addition to its original functionality.

Frost Blast (R)

Level 4 - Strip Shields (E)

Level 13 - Icy Grasp (W)

Level 13 - Chain-Link (E)


Wisp can be moved more often and takes an additional attack to kill.

Wisp (E)


Probius’s Pylons have been working out and have more health now. His Gather Minerals talent’s Damage Bonus is up, and Shield Battery’s Shield will only hang around for half the amount of time, but is a stronger shield than before.

Warp in Pylon (D)

Level 1  -Gather Minerals (Passive)

Level 13 - Shield Battery (D)


Kharazim will be healing for more off of Transcendence, so keep punching you healing monks. But Insight also received an incentive with an extra quarter second of CD reduction added on.

Level 1 - Transcendence (Trait)

Level 1 - Insight (Trait)


Johanna is beefier than before with both a Max Health and Regen increase. Her Falling Sword Heroic will now be slowing affected targets for an additional half second. Level 1 Hold Your Ground has been increased to a 30% Shield, and both Roar and Blessed Hammer received damage buffs at Level 13.

Falling Sword (R)

Level 1 - Hold Your Ground (D)

Level 13 - Roar (Q)

Level 13 - Blessed Hammer (Active)


Lv. 1

Rush-down’s CD reduction was buffed by 2 seconds. Crash Course takes 5 less Hero hits to complete. And Pro Moves’ Movement Speed bonus lasts for a quarter second longer.

Lv.4: Diverting Power only slows D.Va for an additional 30% now instead of 50%.

Lv. 7: Nuclear Option’s Damage bonus is up to 70%

Lv. 20

Stop and Pop deal 200% more damage (up from 150%) and Concussive Pulse’s CD is 1 second shorter.

Level 1 - Rush-down (Q)

Level 1 - Crash Course (Q)

Level 1 - Pro Moves (Passive)

Level 4 - Diverting Power (W)

Level 7 - Nuclear Option (E)

Level 20 - Stop and Pop (R)

Level 20 - Concussive Pulse (Active)



The Dragon Becomes Me has had it’s duration sliced down by a quarter second for poor Genji.

Level 20 - The Dragon Becomes Me (R)


Malthael lost over 10% of the damage on Reaper’s Mark. It is now a flat 2% of max Health.

Reaper’s Mark (Trait)


While Abathur’s Spike Burst will be doing slightly increased damage, Ultimate Evolution has had 20 second tacked onto its CD.

Spike Burst (W)

Ultimate Evolution (R)


Zagara will have to be even more cautious while split pushing as her Max Health and Regen have been cut down, albeit by less than 5% for either. But hey, Devouring Maw’s CD had 20 seconds shaved off. Guess she gave it to Abathur. Is there a war on split pushing brewing?

Devouring Maw (R)


Ana will be doing more damage as her Basic Attack has been increased by 10%. The interesting thing here is that while Team 1 admits they have light stats on high level Ana play, they’re moving forward with small adjustments. They also mentioned a concern for Ana’s existence increasing the double-support meta.

Level 4 - Overdose (Passive)

Dev: Ana has had an incredibly successful launch into the Nexus, and seems to be falling into a great place balance-wise. We are still light on high-level data for her, so our changes this patch are very light. We realize that she has some synergy concerns and wanted to get a small jump on the largest catalyst to those – Overdose. While playing her internally before launch, we knew she had the potential to single-handedly shift the meta, not to mention increase the amount of double-support we see. Rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on both of these concerns and are prepared to act accordingly if the need arises.


Brightwing got smacked with nerfs across the board. Over 16% reduction to Pixie Dust’s Spell Armor, a 37% bonus healing reduction when taking Emerald Wind, and Phase Shield’s well... Shield amount is down 12.5%.

Pixie Dust (E)

Emerald Wind (R)

Level 7 - Phase Shield (Z)

Lt. Morales

Much like Zagara, Morales will be easier to kill now with a Max Health and Regen reduction. Her talents weren’t safe either. Clear at Level 1 lost one second off it’s first quest unlock CD reduction, and Lv. 4’s Blast Shield is 25% weaker than it used to be. The outlier is Lv. 13’s Second Opinion gaining a 1 second buff to its CD reduction.

Level 1 - Clear (E)

Level 4 - Blast Shield (E)

Level 13 - Second Opinion (E)


Oh hey look, another well-performing support losing Health and Regen. Largest decrease we’ve mentioned so far, over 5% reduction to his Max Health. On top of that Healing Pathogen now heals for 7.5% less.

At Lv. Spine Launcher now makes you basic attacks to 40% less damage (up from 30%). But that’s okay, the Quest Talent Poppin Pustules got a buff.

Healing Pathogen (Q)

Level 1 - Spine Launcher (Passive)

Level 1 - Poppin Pustules (D)

Level 16 - Superstrain (Q)

Level 16 - Universal Carrier (Q)

Level 16 - Eye Infection (W)


Level 20 - Death Wish (R)



Nazeebo is a lane-pushing specialist so naturally his Health and Regen have also been reduced. An over 8% reduction. The kicker here is that Nazeebo can gain that health back through Voodoo Ritual as it now gives 2 more Health per stack.

Corpse Spiders saw a minor damage increase (+2.8%), while Plague of Toads saw a significantly larger damage decrease (-10%). Ravenous Spirit received a range increase.

As for talents Spider Colony and Superstition work differently now. Spider Colony reduces the CD of Zombies by a quarter second every time a Spider attacks a Hero. And Superstition gives Naz 40 Spell Armor, but Basic Attacks from enemy Heroes remove that bonus for 3 seconds. WUT KYLE? Before you just lost Physical Armor in exchange for the Spell Armor.

Voodoo Ritual (Trait)

Corpse Spiders (Q)

Plague of Toads (E)

Ravenous Spirit (R)

Level 13 - Superstition (Passive)

Level 16 - Spider Colony (Q)

Dev: We want to shift more of Nazeebo’s Health into the amount of Voodoo Ritual stacks he has, as the reward for Voodoo Ritual was mostly felt in unlocking Vile Infection at level 20. We’re changing Spider Colony to no longer reduce the cooldown of Corpse Spiders, because the synergy between the Spider Talents were so high that if you picked any one of them the rest of your Talent choices were locked in. Since we are changing the level 16 Talent to now affect Plague of Toads instead of Corpse Spiders, we’re shifting some of the damage out of Plague of Toads into Corpse Spiders. For Superstition, we wanted to get most of the spirit of what the old Talent did, but have more gameplay interactions. Often the only counter play to Superstition lied in what the enemy team composition was, and we’d rather have more counter play relying in decisions made during the course of the game.


PTR Patch Notes

You can ping the top bar to put out text information. Game automatically notes:

Ranked Battleground Rotation Update

Added to Rotation

Removed from Rotation

The full Ranked Battleground Rotation is now as follows:


 “You Want Axe?” Baseline Quest added

(New Talent) Amani Rage (Active)

(New talent) No Mercy (Q)


“It’s Hammer Time!” Baseline Quest added


Hallow’s End

New Special Event: Hallow's End 2017

Hallow's End Loot Chests


BlizzCon Map Revealed

Meat of the story goes here.


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Listening to last weeks podcast on the youtubes! As I write this, Kyle is speaking about his teams often going HAM as soon as his Leoric got "Garrosh’ed" into the enemy team.

So here's a thought! What if we tell all assassins to hold their cooldowns until they see something in range that CAN be killed?

Does auto-attack-only vs tanks sound legit? I'm sure there's exceptions but could it be a good general rule?

Idiom krone

I generally play ranged assassins and supports, but also delve into specialists.  The only warrior (heh) I am comfortable with is Sonya played basically as a melee assassin.

I've decided that I will start doing an unranked draft game each time I play HotS and only play as warriors in an attempt to learn the role.

I understand the meta picks and usefulness of most of the warriors thanks to you guys and HGC but what I'm looking for is a top 3 list of what I should work on, learn, pay attention to, or practice while learning the tank role.

I do favor Garrosh as a main tank so far.

Thanks for everything you do.

  1. Dive or Sustain?
  2. Peel
  3. Solo Tank or Double Warrior?


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