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Introduction to these MTB MLE resources 

Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB MLE) programs serve learners of non-dominant language communities who do not understand or speak the language of instruction when they begin formal education.  In MTB MLE programs, students begin with what they know—their language and culture, knowledge and experience—as the foundation for learning in school. Well-planned and well-implemented MTB MLE programs produce students who are multilingual and multicultural and who contribute to their community’s and their nation’s development goals.

The materials on these pages focus on each of the “essential components” of successful MTB MLE programs.  All are based on sound principles of education and development and all draw on what I have learned in working with colleagues from non-dominant language communities, government agencies and non-government organizations in planning and implementing MTB MLE programs in Asia, Africa and the Pacific.    

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the ideas presented here. Your input and ideas will be welcome!   Susan_Malone@SIL.Org.

Overview:  MTB MLE around the world

MTB-MLE for sustainable development: What have we learned?

Keynote presentation at the 5th Language and Development Conference. 2016. Bangkok.

Questions and some answers about Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education

 Introduces the rationale for and main features of MTB MLE through a question and answer format.

MTB MLE Resource Kit: Including the Excluded

Five short booklets with information about MTB MLE for policy makers, program implementers and members of language communities.  Produced by UNESCO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok

Definitions of literacy and why they are important

Challenges to us as MTB MLE consultants, trainers and curriculum developers, to examine our own definitions of literacy and purposes for supporting MTB MLE in non-dominant language communities.   

L’Education Multilingue basée sur la “langue maternelle”
Overview of MTB MLE (French)


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