Canyon Springs STEM Academy Student Council Quick Info

The Student Council of Canyon Springs STEM Academy is a leadership club whose members, and especially its officers, exhibit strong, positive role model qualities.  These qualities include showing respect to one’s self and to others, doing one’s best to keep grades up, attending meetings, and participating in club activities. Realizing that maintaining a strong, positive leadership role is important to our peers and school, the following guidelines have been established by the members of Student Council.

1.) All Student Council members will demonstrate the “WOLVES” Expectations at all times.

2.) Student Council members will attend all scheduled meetings unless absent from school that day.  If a Student Council member would need to be absent, he or she should meet with his or her advisor prior to the date of the meeting.

3.) Student Council members will be creative and open with expressing ideas in a safe environment.  All members will be respectful of others ideas and suggestions.

4.) Student Council members will be leaders in and out of the classroom.

5.) Student Council members will report news and information to their Advisories or Homerooms.

6.) Student Council members will work together as a team.

These guidelines will be reviewed each school year.  Changes may be made by the Student Council members as necessary.


I ______________________________ understand the above requirements placed upon me as a member of the Canyon Springs STEM Academy Student Council.

Student Printed Name: ____________________________________        Date: ___________

Student Signature: _________________________________        Grade: __________

Parent Printed Name: _______________________________        Date: ________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________


____ YES I filled out the online join form that includes ALL contact information

____ NO but I will share a parent and student email below instead

Advisors Contact Information: AND 

 Remind Account: Text @hkk2be to 81010

Regular Meeting Times/Dates:

Student Council meets after school on Fridays once or twice a month from 3:10-4pm.

Environmental club on Friday mornings once or twice a month at 7:20am.

Sometimes we will meet at a special time before events to set up or have an extra planning. If you cannot attend ALL meetings it is okay please just let us know you will be out.

Calendar with ALL DATES Available on our website: 


Attend meetings and report back to classrooms and bring class feedback to the council.

School spirit weeks, dances, fundraising, assemblies, MASK leadership roles, It Factor breakfast, tortoise habitat, help improve and maintain our campus through assisting environmental club, planting and watering flowers, and bushes, trees, painting rocks and planting pots.