Parent and Student Handbook 2020-2021

Weehawken Township School District

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Daniel Webster School


Isabel McGinley

Theodore Roosevelt School


Suzanne P. Mera


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Student Transportation…………………………………………………..  10

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        Code of Conduct………………………………………………………. 12-14

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        Health Office………………………………………………………….  16-17

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PRE-K Information………………………………………………………..20

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Welcome back to school!  We look forward to working with you this year.

This handbook explains the many policies and procedures that help us maintain a structured and safe school community and learning environment.  Parents and students are encouraged to take the time to read through the handbook and become familiar with the policies and procedures that are followed at DWS and TRS.  

Daniel Webster Elementary School                                Theodore Roosevelt School

2700 Palisade Avenue                                                1 Louisa Place

Weehawken, NJ 07086                                                Weehawken, NJ 07086

Phone: 201-422-6150                                                Phone: 201-422-6140

District Website: www.weehawkenschools.net                

Board of Education Policies & Regulations can be found here: https://www.straussesmay.com/seportal/Public/pubELANOnline.aspx?id=a955fccb8ec1413286a09840e18d4e8b

Bell Schedules


DWS Schedule

8:10 AM Teachers arrive

8:20 AM  Gr. 2 students enter building

8:25 AM  Gr. 1 students enter building

8:30 AM  Gr. K students enter building

8:35 AM  PreK students enter building

8:45 Late bell –

12:26 PM Dismissal for Pre-K  & K

12:36 PM Dismissal for Grades 1 & 2

TRS Schedule:

8:10 AM Teachers arrive

8:20 AM Grade 4 & 6 students enter building

8:25 AM Grade 3 & 5 students enter building

8:45 AM Late bell

12:31 PM  Grade 4 & 6 Student dismissal

12:36 PM Grade 3 & 5 Student dismissal


Due to the pandemic, lunch is not being offered in the 20-21 school year.

Due to the pandemic, lunch is not being offered in the 20-21 school year.


Due to the pandemic, there will not be a delayed opening bell schedule in the 20-21 school year.

Due to the pandemic, there will not be a delayed opening bell schedule in the 20-21 school year.



Due to the pandemic, students may log in from home and work remotely and not be marked absent.  

Good attendance is very important to your child’s education, no matter the grade. We expect children to be in school unless they are sick or have some other emergency. Parents must notify the school any time their child is absent and send a written excuse when the child returns to school. Children must bring a doctor’s note if they are absent three (3) or more days. Parents should call the office before 8:30 AM or email the school secretaries when their child is absent and give the child’s name, grade, homeroom teacher and reason for absence.  We will notify parents in writing of students who have excessive, unexplained or unexcused absences and ask that parents take steps to remedy the situation immediately.

Continued absences after the letter from us will result in parents having to come to school for a meeting with the principal. Board of Education policy and state law also provides for further action. Doctor and dentist appointments for students during school hours shall be honored, but every effort should be made to minimize them. The Commissioner of Education bases this on a policy statement. Please call the school secretary by 8:30am if you will be picking up your child’s homework so that the teacher may have it ready at the security desk at 2:30pm.  Due to the pandemic, most work can and will be shared virtually.

Policy 5200- Attendance

Regulation 5200- Attendance


Students that are working remotely are expected to log in on time each day.

It is just as important for children to be on time for school. If a child is late to class, the teacher has to stop teaching to help the latecomer get started. This keeps the teacher from helping all the students and provides an unnecessary distraction for the class. Allow enough time in the morning to get ready, have a good breakfast, and be on time for school. Children should be on line by 8:20 AM each day. The entrance door is always locked, and children who arrive after 8:25 must go to the office with their parents to get a late pass. No tardy child should simply be dropped at the door after 8:25. For excessive tardiness, three days or more, parents will have to come in for a conference with the principal to discuss why the child is late and what steps can be taken to prevent further lateness.

Policy-5240- Tardiness

Regulation-5240- Tardiness


Vacations Scheduled During School Time

Due to the pandemic, parents must adhere to the Governor’s travel restrictions and regulations.

Student absences, where the family is vacationing, or for some other reason that parents have their child absent from school, may create significant learning difficulties for the student. Classroom instruction, which is the most valuable part of the school experience, continues during the child’s absence. Requests for homework may be denied when students are on vacation during regularly scheduled school days. All students are responsible for instruction missed during this absence. School vacations are noted on the school calendar. Parents are requested to make vacation arrangements to coincide with the designated school vacation periods. Vacations taken outside designated school periods are recorded as unexcused absences which may result in loss of credit.

Policy 5200- Attendance

Regulation 5200- Attendance

Emergency School Closings

When school is cancelled due to inclement weather, parents will be notified via phone call using our All-Call Notification Service. Please make certain, we have your most up-to-date contact information.  You may also make arrangements to be notified by text rather than by a phone call. In addition, announcements will be posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram) and on our website at http://www.weehawken.k12.nj.us.


Due to the pandemic, most, if not all, meetings will be virtual.  

All visitors must check in at the main office before going anywhere else in the building. You must have a PHOTO ID, sign in and receive a visitor ID tag before moving about the building. While teachers are always willing to speak with parents, please call to make an appointment, so that class time is not disrupted and the educational process can continue undisturbed. For security reasons, no teacher will be available for a conference between 8:00 am and 8:30 am or once the school day has started without the principal’s permission. Conferences and classroom visits must be arranged in advance. It is also important to follow proper procedure in addressing issues at school or in the classroom. Parents should speak with the teacher first about any issues or concerns. Often, the teacher will be able to resolve any problems or answer any questions parents may have. Should you require additional assistance, you may then make an appointment with the supervisor of elementary education or supervisor of guidance and then the principal. Parents wishing to meet with the principal must call the school and make an appointment.

The safety and security of children is of utmost importance. Please understand that we have procedures in place to ensure this.

1. Check into the Main Office at all times and we will notify the teacher and issue you a badge for passage through our hallways.

2. Supply us with court documents if you are the only person who is to pick up your child.

3. Write appropriate notes to the teacher if your child is changing the location of drop off at dismissal.

4. At times we may ask for identification to verify who you are.

Policy 9150- School Visitors

Regulation 9150- School Visitors

DWS/TRS Breakfast Program

Due to the pandemic, the breakfast program has been cancelled for the 20-21 school year.

A breakfast program begins at 7:15 each morning. Cost for breakfast is $1.25 and lunch is $1.95 but free and reduced breakfasts and lunches are available depending on income eligibility. The food service company has established accounts for each parent. You may now pay into that account with whatever amount you like. As your child eats lunch, the appropriate amount will be deducted from the account. You will be notified when the account needs to be replenished. If you wish, however, you may send in lunch money each day. Please make sure to send in the exact amount needed. The cafeteria cannot make change. A lunch menu is published monthly on the school website. A student may select the featured lunch or an alternate. To pay online, you may set up an account at: www.payforit.net

Students will go outside for lunch recess when conditions are safe and temperatures, wind chill and humidity allow.  The principal will make the final determination on whether to go outside or not. When students do not go outside, aides and teachers will supervise them in classrooms with a variety of activities available.


Extended Care

Due to the pandemic, the extended care program has been cancelled for the 20-21 school year.  

Extended Care at DWS and TRS is available from 2:50 PM until 6:00 PM. Cost is $18.00 per day and parents may use as many or as few days each week as needed. See the School Secretary in the main office for more information and registration forms can be found online on the district website under the Parent Tab.. You may also contact Director Anna Rudowsky at  201-422-6150.

Policy 5843- Extended Care Program


Early Dismissals

During this pandemic, students are dismissed at 12:31 (grades 4 and 6) and 12:36 (grades 3 and 5).

At DWS, during this pandemic, students are dismissed at 12:26pm (PreK & K) and 12:36 (grades 1 & 2)

The school day ends at 2:50 PM. If your child or children have not been picked up by 2:50 PM, you will need to come to the office, sign them out and indicate the time the child was picked up. Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with doctors and dentists other than during school hours. If this is not possible, please make appointments as early or as late in the day as possible. Be advised however, that arriving after 9:30 AM or leaving before 1:30 PM will constitute absence for the half day. Pupils may be excused from school only by the administration and all students must be signed out before exiting the building.

When parents are taking a child off the bus, we ask that you send in a note to notify the teacher and also call the office to let us know. We will then make sure that your child does not go on the bus as usual. Please do not tell your child to notify us, as sometimes that information does not get to us or is mistaken.  Please call the office by 1:30 PM unless there is an emergency.

In addition, any individuals picking up your child must be listed on their emergency card. Children are not allowed to leave school with anyone but parents/guardians unless a note is sent to school stating specifically who has been designated by the parent/guardian. A parent/guardian or a designated person will be required to sign out the child.

We value every minute of instructional time. Please do not call the office and request that we have your child waiting for you in the office when you arrive to pick them up. We ask that you plan ahead to get to scheduled appointments with as little loss of instructional time as possible.

Policy 5230- Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

Regulation 5230- Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

Policy 8601 Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal

Disruption of Instructional Time

In order to provide a more positive educational experience for your child, disruption of instructional time is strongly discouraged and must be avoided. Messages will be delivered to students only in extreme emergencies. Commercial delivery of food and/or drink is prohibited. If a parent does come to school to see his/her child for any reason, he/she must present a photo ID and register at the front office upon entering the building.

Lost and Found

During this pandemic, found items should be given to their homeroom teachers.

Anyone finding a lost article should take it to the main office. Lost articles may be claimed in the same location.


In order to ensure the safety of our children and staff, the building is locked during the day, with the only entrance and exit being the front door, where visitors must be buzzed in. All visitors are required to check in at the security desk, leave a driver’s license or other acceptable form of ID with the security officer, and wear a visitor’s pass to move about the building. Please remember to pick up your ID in the office before leaving the building.


In addition, regular fire and security drills are held to help students learn what to do in an emergency situation. Unscheduled visits to classrooms are not permitted, and teachers have been instructed to send anyone without a pass to the main office. Entrances to and exits from the school must be made only through the front door. All doors other than the main entrance are alarmed.

Policy 7440- Security of School Premises

Regulation 7440 School Security

Policy 8420- Emergency and Crisis Situations


Field Trips

During this pandemic, there will be no field trips.

The purpose of a field trip is to enlarge or expand on classroom experiences. Field trips are normally planned at least one month in advance. Before embarking on a field trip, parent permission slips will be distributed to students. Parents must sign these slips and return them to the classroom teacher. Under no circumstances may a student be permitted to attend a field trip without a signed permission slip in the possession of the teacher.

Policy 2340- Field Trips

Regulation 2340 Field Trips

School Parties

During this pandemic, there won’t be any school parties.

We are happy to celebrate children’s birthdays in their classrooms with a brief, simple party. We are, of course, in the primary business of educating your children, and thus, elaborate celebrations should be kept at home.

DWS & TRS - Birthday Parties and other holiday celebrations:

Because there is a student population of 400+ students in each school, a birthday party or two is taking place every single day. Cupcakes and other unhealthy foods could be distributed on a daily basis.

In order to promote healthier eating habits and minimize disrupting classroom instruction, we would like to offer a different opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday in school. We are recommending that  birthday party celebrations include a parent reading a story to the class. Perhaps all the students can sign the book that is read. You may distribute a non-edible token or goodie. No food, candy or balloons of any kind will be permitted.

Holiday parties or events will be restricted to pretzels, Baked Lays (G.F.), Pirate Booty (G.F.), 100% fruit juice and water. Holiday games and activities will be strongly encouraged instead.

A few exceptions will be made:

The PreK Thanksgiving Feast

Holiday Breakfast/Taste of Roosevelt

Ice Cream Social

Pride Day/Fun Day

End of the Year Celebrations

Please do not bring in balloons or large decorations and presents, as these are best saved for the family celebration at home. Helium balloons pose a safety issue at our school since they trigger the school’s sensitive fire alarm system to go off.  These will not be allowed in the building.

Fire/Safety Drills

The law requires that we have two fire/safety drills per month.  Students and staff are to follow the appropriate fire/safety plan outlined in the beginning of the school year. Drills will be held to prepare for fire, lock down, bomb threat, and evacuation contingencies.  Any student who fails to follow school rules or instructions given by any staff member during a drill will be referred to their grade level administrator for disciplinary action. 


Bus Transportation

Transportation by school bus is a privilege, not a right, for eligible students. A student's eligibility to ride a school bus may be revoked for a violation of school bus safety or conduct policies. Each student is responsible for demonstrating a desire to ride the bus by practicing safe and courteous bus ridership. The safety and comfort of all children are of primary importance and must be protected.

Bus Rules and Regulations

  1. Children should not be taken off the bus except for emergencies. This disrupts classroom routine and creates inconsistencies in the daily dismissal process. If you know your child will not be taking the bus, please send a note to the teacher in the morning, inform the bus aides when you drop off your child, AND notify the office.
  2. Someone should be waiting at the bus stop when the bus arrives. The person picking up the child should be there ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. It is important that you be there in view so your child can see you.
  3. It is impossible to arrange to have “friends” ride on the same bus together and we ask that you not request this. Siblings, however, may ride together.
  4. Busing assignments cannot be modified so that your child may have a playdate. Busing is provided as a service to get your child to and from school.
  5. If you elect to have your child bused, we ask that you do so both in the morning and in the afternoon. ONE WAY busing IS NOT PERMITTED except for students staying in extended care. If your child misses the morning bus 5 times within the school year, your child’s busing privilege will be placed on probation.  If this continues, your child's courtesy busing may be suspended or revoked.
  6. In the interests of the children’s safety, aides have been instructed never to allow a child to be removed from the bus line. Please go to the designated drop off point and pick up your child there.
  7. Parents are asked to review proper behavior on the bus with their children:

• children must be belted into their seats

• no horseplay on the bus is permitted

• children are to sit in seats assigned by aides

• gross misbehavior (hitting, disrespect) will not be tolerated. One written warning will go home to parents. Upon the second incident, bus privileges may be suspended or revoked.

  1. First half-days of school in September – If you bring your child to school in the morning, please pick him/her up at dismissal time as well. Children cannot go on the bus one-way.
  2. If your child is bussed in the morning and is not going home on the bus, please write a note for the teacher and state who will be picking up your child. In addition, call the office by 1:30 PM (unless there is an emergency) to notify us that your child will be picked up.
  3. If your child has a doctor or dentist appointment, you must call the office to let us know that you will be picking him/her up and you must sign your child out in the office.
  4.  Once assigned, pickup stops cannot be changed. A child who is normally picked up at Acme, for example, cannot be picked up at Roosevelt because you or a babysitter happen to be there that day.

Policy 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct

Regulation 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct


TRS Student Drop off  and Pick up

Walkers and students driven by parents/guardians should not plan to arrive at school earlier than 8:20 AM as there is no adult supervision prior to that time. Students, only, will enter the building through the main entrance on Louisa Place and line up in the gymnasium with their homeroom.   At dismissal, grades 3 and 4 will exit the building on Cooper Place while grades 5 and 6 will exit on 46th Street.

DWS-Student Drop off and Pick Up

Drop Off: Students will enter the building at 8:20am and go directly to their classrooms.

Pick up: students will be dismissed on Angelique Street at 12:26-PreK & K and 12:36- grades 1 & 2

In order to keep traffic moving smoothly, especially on Maple and Angelique Streets, parents are requested to avoid double parking and leaving their cars.  Many busses use both streets, as do emergency vehicles, and it is important to keep all areas clear.  Also, please do not park in the bus stops outside the front door of the building. If you intend to walk your child to school, please park your car legally and safely. Students will normally assemble in the gymnasium at 8:10 or when buses arrive, and school aides have been assigned to watch over the children until their teachers pick them up at 8:20. Please drop off children as close to 8:10 as possible, since no adult supervision is available prior to that time. Dismissal for Pre-K  & K is at 2:40 on Angelique Street side of the building, and 2:50 for Grades 1 & 2  also on the Angelique St. side of the building. We ask that parents “kiss and drop” their children at the front door and allow the aides to escort the children into the gym. In the interests of safety and traffic flow, please do not linger in the hallway after dropping off your child. No parent is to enter the DWS school yard until bussing is complete.  The playground will be available after 3:30pm.

Early Pickup

If you need to pick up your child early from either school, you must notify the teacher and office.  All students leaving early must be picked up by 12:00pm.

Information for Parents:

Contact (restricted) with a Student

It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to inform and provide the school with current documentation if anyone is legally restricted from contact with a child. In addition, if these restrictions are lifted, the school should be updated accordingly with the proper documentation.


Residency Verification

The Weehawken School District requires all parents/guardians to submit verification of residence to demonstrate their entitlement to a free educational program in the Weehawken Public Schools. Students entering school are requested to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Policy 5111- Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students

Regulation 5111- Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students



All students are expected to act responsibly in order to gain the full benefits of their educational experience. It is expected that students work to the best of their abilities in all academic, co-curricular and extracurricular pursuits and strive toward the highest level of achievement possible. They contribute to an orderly, learning-centered environment; show due respect for other persons and property; and seek help in solving problems. Proper and reasonable behavior is expected from every student. The New Jersey law states that students shall submit to the authority of the teachers and others in authority at all times. It is the student’s responsibility to recognize that the principal, teachers and other adults in the school are in complete charge of the students and their actions at all times. Under no circumstance will defiant or disrespectful behavior be tolerated.

Policy 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct

Regulation 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct

Students’ Rights

Every student has certain rights. Please discuss these with your children.

  1. Students have a right to be themselves at school.  Students should not be treated unfairly because they are tall or short, light or dark, a girl or a boy, have red or blond hair, or because it takes them a little longer to get the right answer.
  2. Students have a right to be respected and treated with kindness at school. This means that others should not laugh at them, make fun of them, bully them or hurt their feelings. No one is to embarrass them in front of class.
  3. Students have a right to be safe at school. This means no one should make them afraid to come to school. No student should be hurt or threatened at school.
  4. Students have a right to tell their side of a problem before anything happens.. This means no one will be punished for breaking a rule or taking someone else’s rights away without a chance to tell their side of the story.


If a student feels that someone has tried to take away any of these rights, he or she should tell a teacher or the principal.

Students’ Responsibilities 

Every student has certain responsibilities. Please discuss these with your children.

  1. Students have the responsibility to exhibit self control on school premises, on the school bus and at school activities.
  2. Students have the responsibility to remain in the area assigned for a specific activity.
  3. Students have the responsibility to exhibit respect for the authority of all school personnel.
  4. Students have the responsibility to maintain and respect school and private property.
  5. Students have the responsibility to speak and treat adults and other students with respect.
  6. Students have the responsibility to avoid placing themselves or others in danger of physical harm
  7. Students have the responsibility to keep the school clean and attractive and use constructive means to settle disagreements or problems.

Rules and Consequences

A school cannot run properly without a set of rules and guidelines for student behavior. In most cases, because of the age of our students, a teacher’s admonition or a discussion of the behavior will suffice. Certain classroom or play privileges may be revoked for a period of time, but teachers will reward good behavior as well.


If a child continues to misbehave or show disrespect, parents will be asked to come in for a conference with the teacher. Further instances will demand the intervention of the principal, and additional action may be taken, as per Board of Education policy.

Policy 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct

Regulation 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct


Providing a safe, secure learning environment is of paramount importance to the parents, students and staff. Well-established procedures and rules, along with appropriate consequences for their infringement, as well as parent communication, help to maintain an orderly environment that promotes and supports student learning. Students are expected to behave properly and demonstrate respect for themselves, their school, teachers, staff (bus drivers and aides, yard aides, custodians, etc.) and other students.

Discipline and order can only be achieved through communication and cooperation between parents and the school. Making a comprehensive list of acceptable behaviors for students is a lengthy and unnecessary task. Good manners and standards of decency are universally acceptable and are sufficient guides to appropriate behavior.

Students shall be treated fairly and equitably. Discipline shall be based on a careful assessment of the circumstances of each individual case. Duration and severity of consequences will depend on, but are not limited to, the offense, the nature of the violation, the student’s age, disciplinary history, intent, disability, and the overall effect upon student welfare and the learning environment. While these factors are considered, the severity of an incident remains the primary factor in determining what specific disciplinary action will be taken. The ultimate goal is for students to understand the effects of their actions and learn how to handle themselves appropriately in future situations.

Policy 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct

Regulation 5600- Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct

Dress Code

Due to the pandemic, all students and staff members are required to wear a mask.

All dress should be clean and modest, and in general, should not be distracting or offensive to others. Students should dress in a way that is in good taste and in a style appropriate for school and for their age. In the interest of safety, flip-flops or shoes with high heels should not be worn, nor should students wear “wheelies” (sneakers with wheels on the bottom) to school. Students should wear socks with sandals, or better yet, avoid open-toed shoes altogether, and should remember to wear sneakers on days when they have gym.


Please make sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather. We do try to go outside whenever possible for playtime at lunch and Pre-K and Kindergarten students often go outside in the afternoon as well. Also, label all outerwear and backpacks with your child’s first and last name, as well as the classroom/homeroom number. Clothing advertising alcoholic beverages, or those with obscene or questionable printing on them will not be permitted. In addition, no caps, hoods, hats, bandanas or wallet chains are permitted to be worn during the school day.  Hats are not to be worn in the school building.

Policy 5511- Dress and Grooming

Hall Procedures

Students are requested to cooperate with the following hall rules in order to maintain order and secure safety for all:

Textbooks and Chromebooks (at TRS & DWS)

Each student is responsible for all issued books, computers and supplies, even if they are damaged, lost, or stolen. If a book or Chromebook is damaged or lost, it must be paid for before another will be issued. Once paid for, the teacher will issue another book. Every textbook should be kept covered throughout the year to protect it from damage.

Policy 5513- Care of School Property

Regulation 5513- Care of School Property

Chromebook Release form at  the end of this document

School Work/Cheating

Students are expected to do their own work. Copying from another student or any other form of cheating is not permitted. Students are expected to meet all deadlines for classwork and homework assignments. Students are also expected to pay attention in class and work on all class assignments carefully.


Students caught cheating on an assignment or test will receive no credit for the work, and will receive a failing grade on the assignment. Parents will also be called in for a conference with the teacher and/or principal.

Policy 5701- Plagiarism

Never bring to school

Dangerous items should never be brought to school. These items include: matches, cigarettes, pills and medicine, pets, radios, pocket knives, guns or toy guns, or skateboards. Children should also never bring to school any items that are valuable to them. The district is not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen.

Policy 8467- Weapons

Policy 5611- Removal of Pupils From the General education Program For Weapons/Firearms Offenses


Some items, such as iPads, cell phones, tablets, etc. may be permitted for use in the Extended Care program, but in any case a teacher’s classroom policy is to be followed. In most cases, these items are not allowed to be used during classroom without the express permission of the teacher.

School Property

The parents of every child in school have helped pay for everything in the school. This means that your children are sharing all the books, desks, and everything else in school with all of their classmates. If these things are destroyed or damaged, it means students cannot use them or parents must spend more money to replace them.  Parents of a child who destroys school property will be expected to make recompense. We all must take care of our school.

Policy 5513- Care of School Property

Regulation 5513- Care of School Property

Falsely Accusing Others of Misconduct

Students who falsely accuse other students of misconduct may be subject to disciplinary action.

Cafeteria Rules

Due to the pandemic, students will not be eating in the gymnasium/cafeteria this school year.

The purpose of special rules in the cafeteria is to ensure that the primary  purpose of lunch is executed. Children need the opportunity to eat their lunch so that they can perform for the rest of the day. In order to ensure this, the cafeteria process must be efficient and the following rules will be implemented:

DWS/TRS Cafeteria Rules

1. All school rules of conduct apply to the lunchroom.

2. Remain seated unless instructed to do otherwise.

3. Speak in a reasonable tone of voice.

4. Clean your eating area, including the table and floor, and throw away your garbage in the proper garbage can.

5. Use appropriate table manners at all times.

6. Do not run in the lunchroom.

7. Never throw food or other objects


Playground/Schoolyard Rules

• Remain in the assigned area within sight of playground supervisors.

• Students are encouraged to share, cooperate and communicate in a socially acceptable manner. (Wrestling, fighting, pushing and tripping are not allowed)

• Report any injuries to a playground supervisor immediately.

• Never throw stones, dirt, snowballs or any other potentially dangerous objects.

• Line up quickly, quietly and in an orderly fashion when directed by supervisors.



Bullying consists of inappropriate behavior, including threats, intimidation of others, treating others cruelly, terrorizing, coercing, habitual put-downs and/or badgering of others. Every student will be treated with respect by their classmates, teachers and staff, and every student is expected to show respect in return. Bullying, fighting and disrespect to teachers or to classmates are not permitted at our school. Attached is our school’s Anti-Bullying Policy.

Common Characteristics of Bullying:

• Physical – hitting, kicking, taking or damaging a victim’s property

• Verbal – using words to berate, hurt or humiliate

• Relational – maliciously spreading rumors, and/or actively excluding a person from the peer group to cause emotional harm

Any student who believes that he/she has experienced bullying or believes that another student is being bullied, should obtain help by immediately reporting the alleged act to a teacher, supervisor, principal, or other District employee. Failure to immediately report may impair the District’s ability to investigate and address the prohibited conduct. A student who intentionally makes a false claim, offers false statements, or refuses to cooperate with a District investigation regarding bullying shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

The Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Ms. Jenna Wendolowski, shall conduct an investigation based on the allegations reported. Absent extenuating circumstances, the investigation should be completed within ten (10) school business days from the date of the initial report alleging bullying; however, the principal or designee shall take additional time if necessary to complete a thorough investigation.

Policy 5512- Harassment Intimidation and Bullying

Regulation 5512- Harassment Intimidation and Bullying


Healthy Habits

We make every effort to ensure your child’s health and safety while at school. We encourage you to set a healthy routine for your child at home, including an early bedtime, good breakfast in the morning, and a healthy snack at school (fruit, vegetables, pretzels, yogurt, and juice or milk) Please do not send soda or candy to school with your child.

Policy 8505- School Nutrition



While most of our students are well-mannered and well-behaved, we ask that parents discuss common courtesies with children, even at a very young age. We will reinforce these concepts in school, of course, but ask that you begin at home to help children learn to be good citizens and good classmates.

Health and Medical

If a child becomes ill or injured in school, it is essential that he or she proceed immediately to the nurse’s office. No one who has been injured or has become ill during the school day should ever leave school without going to the office for an official sign-out. If it becomes necessary for a child to be sent home, the parent will be contacted and informed. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the people listed on the student information sheet will be contacted. No child is ever sent home unless there is an authorized adult to care for him or her. An emergency telephone number is absolutely necessary in such situations. In fact, state law requires that the school have this emergency telephone number on file. Health certificates are required by state law for each pupil upon entrance to school. Furthermore, children entering first, third, seventh, and tenth grades are required to furnish such documentation.

Policy 8441- Care of Injured and Ill Persons

Regulation 8441- Care of Injured and Ill Persons


All immunizations must be up to date prior to starting school in September.  Most families were notified at registration if children require any immunizations. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact the school nurse at 201-422-6152 or 201-422-6140. All Pre-K students must, by law, receive a flu shot before December 31.

Policy 5320- Immunization

Regulation 5320- Immunization


Due to the pandemic, students can work at home if they are not feeling well and NOT be marked absent.

Of course, we want your child in school every day and stress regular attendance. However, it is just as important that your child stay at home if he/she is ill. If your child is ill during the night or before coming to school in the morning, keep him or her at home. A child exhibiting any of the following symptoms should NOT be sent to school: nausea/vomiting/diarrhea; ear pain; fever; rash; pink eye/drainage from the eyes or a fever of 100 degrees or more. Students with fever should not return to school until 24 hours after the fever breaks. If a student develops a temperature of 100 degrees or above, and/or shows other symptoms of illness during the school day, parents will be contacted to pick him/her up. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, information on the emergency card will be used.

Policy 8451- Control of Communicable Disease

Regulation 8451- Control of Communicable Disease

Returning from Illness

All students and staff members will have their temperature taken before entering the building

Children who have an elevated temperature should remain home until the temperature has returned to normal without medication for 24 hours. If a child is returning after having a contagious illness, or having been absent for 3 or more days, a note from the child’s doctor is required for readmittance. The note listing the illness, date treatment began and doctor’s signature should be delivered to the office by the child on the day of return. The child will then be sent to the classroom. Do not send your child to school if he/she is ill.

Policy 8451- Control of Communicable Disease

Regulation 8451- Control of Communicable Disease


As per the NJ State Department of Education, NO medication can be administered without a written prescription from a doctor (not even over-the-counter-medications). Any child requiring medication for any reason in school must have a written and signed order from the prescribing doctor and from a parent. The doctor’s written permission must include diagnosis/indication for the medicine, the name of the drug, dosage, and time of administration. Medicine must be brought to school by a parent in the original, labeled container, including all necessary information: prescription, MD permission, and parent’s written permission. Please do not send cough drops to school with your child, as these are choking hazards.

Policy- 5330- Administration of Medication

Regulation 5330- Administration of Medication


Before any student shall be authorized to carry and/or use an inhaler or Epi Pen on school premises or at school functions off school property, the parent or guardian must file the  following with the school nurse: a certification of a duly licensed physician that the student suffers from a potentially life threatening condition which requires immediate use of an inhaler or Epi Pen and is capable of self-administration of the medication.

Exclusion from Physical Education

Students who need to be excused from participation in physical education due to a medical reason must submit a doctor’s note to the school nurse.  The note must include the reasons and length of time to be excused. The note is to be brought to the school nurse before physical education class. The nurse will approve the note and issue an excuse for the requested period. A copy of this note will be kept in the nurse’s office.  



Homework assignments are an essential extension of work begun in the classroom. They serve to develop attitudes and habits that can only be partially accomplished in the supervised climate of the classroom and help reinforce skills learned during the day.  District regulation recommends the following homework amounts for each grade level:

Policy 2330- Homework

Regulation 2330 Homework

DWS (Homework)

Kindergarten: 10 minutes a night (Monday-Thursday) beginning after Back to School night.

Grade 1: 10 minutes a night (Monday-Thursday), Grade 2: 20 minutes a night (Monday-Thursday)

Pre-K will receive optional enrichment work after Back to School Night

TRS (Homework)

Grade 3: not to exceed 30 total minutes per night (Monday-Thursday),  Grades 4, 5, & 6: not to exceed 45 minutes per night (Monday-Thursday).  No homework shall be assigned over holidays and weekends.

We will provide each student with an assignment book so that he/she can write down homework assignments. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to monitor their child’s organization and daily list of assignments in their assignment book. Make sure assignments are done according to the given instructions and completed on time. Contact the teacher to stay well informed about the student’s learning process. Homework is also posted on the teacher’s google site. Check this daily for updates and announcements.

Homework assignments are an essential extension of work begun in the classroom. They serve to develop attitudes and habits that can only be partially accomplished in the supervised climate of the classroom. In order to complete a homework assignment satisfactorily, the following hints may help:

1. Did you understand the assignment? If not, ask the teacher to make sure.

2. Read the entire assignment over quickly to grasp the basic idea. Reread for content, relationship and details.

3. Plan properly.  Set aside a consistent time every day for studying at home. Also, use study periods and the Media Center wisely. Take home all books, papers and other materials you will need to do the assignment.


Students are evaluated formally and informally daily by their classroom teachers. All students are assessed at the beginning of the year, at midpoint, and at the end of the year using Benchmark Assessments included in their reading/language arts program and math programs and aligned to the curriculum. In grades 3-11, NJ State Assessments, a high quality assessment, will be administered. This test will allow parents and educators to see how children are progressing in school and whether they are on track for post-secondary success. The NJ State assessment also provides teachers with the ability to identify students who may be falling behind and need extra help.

Policy 2622- Student Assessment

Gifted and Talented

Every child is blessed with abilities in certain areas. Those who demonstrate advanced capabilities and intrinsic motivation, and who achieve excellent grades are eligible for gifted and talented programs. While there is no formal gifted and talented program in Webster School, each teacher is mandated to provide enrichment activities and supplementary materials for those who have demonstrated advanced abilities. All students will receive Tier 1 Schoolwide Enrichment as well as Tier 2 differentiated instruction.  


At the end of second grade, a rubric is used to rank students according to ability. Students are ranked based on their DRA score, InView score, and if they are exceeding standards in ELA, Writing and Math.  The list is then used to determine assignment to the more formal Gifted and Talented program at Roosevelt School in third grade.

Policy- 2464- Gifted and Talented Pupils

Regulation 2464- Gifted and Talented Pupils

Academic Support Program

Teachers are required to provide special help at least two days per week, either before or after school. Please contact the teacher to make arrangements for special help.

During the school day, students in need of help and recommended by their teacher have the opportunity to receive additional small group and individual instruction in our Academic Support Program and our English as a Second Language Program (ESL). Children with more serious difficulties are entitled to services provided by our Response to Intervention Program, our 504, our Intervention and Referral Services committees or by our Child Study Team. You may learn more about these programs by referring to the information on the district calendar or website, or by calling the school. In some cases, a teacher or the principal will call you to advise you of the possibility that services such as these might be required to better serve your child.

Reporting Pupil Progress

The evaluation of student achievement is an important function of the teacher. Progress reports/report cards are designed to inform you of your child’s level of instruction, academic progress and growth. The progress report/report card provides a means of communication between your child’s teacher and you, which is very important to your child’s success and happiness in school.

Policy 5420- Reporting Pupil Progress

Regulation 5420- Reporting Pupil Progress


DWS & TRS will be reporting grades via Standards Based Report Cards this year three times per year.

First Trimester:  9/10/2020- 12/11/2020 (60 days)

Report Card Distribution: 12/23/2020

Second Trimester:

12/14/2020- 3/23/2021 (60 days)

Report Card Distribution: 3/26/2021

Third Trimester:  3/22/2021- 6/24/2021 (60 days)Report Card Distribution: Last day of school depending on the use of snow days

Parent Access/Realtime Portal

Parents or guardians have access to their child’s school information.  The parent portal is located under the Parents Tab on the District Website. A username and password will be provided.


School Counseling (TRS)

A counselor’s primary concern is to give support and guidance in these most important years. There is no problem too large or small to discuss. Students are encouraged to seek out the assistance of their school counselor whenever needed. Mr. Cory Ferrer is the School Counselor at TRS. Ms. Jenna Wendolowski is the Supervisor of Counseling for the District.

Special Education

The Weehawken School District provides special education and related services to students who meet eligibility criteria.  Child Study Teams, consisting of a school psychologist, learning consultant, social worker, and speech-language specialists are assigned to all schools in the district. Child Student Teams conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine eligibility for special education and related services.  If a student is found eligible for special education, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed in order to provide an appropriate program.  It is the goal of the district to educate students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Mrs. Kathy Lieblich is the Supervisor of Special Education.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Committee

The RTI Committee is a problem solving school-based committee that works to address student learning, behavior, and health difficulties. The committee is composed of the district reading specialist, administrator, school nurse, teacher, school counselor, and a child study team member.  The committee explores various alternatives to solve problems. RTI is a procedure within the building where staff members meet to confer on a student’s progress and to recommend formal interventions that can be implemented to support the student. Parents will be notified if their child is recommended for this process and will be invited to attend and participate.

Weehawken Cares

The Weehawken Police Department (WPD) has instituted a new initiative called Weehawken Cares.  The program is a communication tool between the Weehawken Township School District (WTSD), and the WPD in which the WPD informs the schools when a student in one of said schools, is involved, or embroiled in a situation in which the police have responded.  The WPD does not delve into what transpired or occured in the episode that prompted their response.  Rather it is a professional courtesy to the schools, affording them notice that the student was privy to a situation which warranted police intervention.  Weehawken Cares is by no means intended to be punitive, or probing.  It does allow schools to be mindful and aware of the child involved, should they react, or respond poorly to whatever has occurred.  


DWS Information for Pre-K Students

During the pandemic, the first two days of school for PreK will be the same as the rest of the grade levels

For the first two days of school, Pre-K students (who walk to school) will arrive at 9:15am and assembly in the schoolyard.  PreK Bus students will follow their regular bus schedule.  After the first two days, ALL Pre-K students will enter the building through the front entrance and line up in the gym with the rest of the students.

Backpacks are required. They must be large enough to fit a folder, sheets and a lunch box. Please do not use backpacks with wheels – they are difficult to maneuver up and down stairs. Lunch boxes are required. Please send in a daily snack and a nutritious drink. Do not send in glass containers. Thermoses are permitted. Your child will have the option to purchase school lunch as well. Please label everything. Put your child’s name on lunch boxes, book bags, bedsheets, changes of clothes, and coats.

Dress your child in comfortable clothing. Because young children cannot quickly unbutton or unzip to go to the bathroom, we ask that school clothing be as uncomplicated as possible. Please send in a complete change of clothes to be kept in school in case your child has an accident. These clothes may be placed in a Ziploc bag or any other small bag with your child’s name written across it. These clothes will be returned at the end of the school year. Keep in mind that the extra clothes should be adaptable to each season. A shorts set is not recommended because it is not appropriate for the winter.

We ask that you send in a crib fitted sheet for the mats, a light blanket and a small pillow. This must be labeled with your child’s name. The bed sheets will go home every Friday to be washed and must return every Monday to school. It is a good idea to have an extra set of sheets at home in case of an accident or if laundry does not get done in time to return sheets on Monday.



We are now proud members of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). Parents are welcome and encouraged to join the PTA, which sponsors many worthwhile activities for our children and provides parents, teachers, and community members the opportunity to unite to improve children’s lives by addressing health, education and social concerns. Our Halloween parade, Holiday Breakfast with Santa and Friends, the Book Fair, Pride Day, and many Family Fun activities are just a few examples of PTA-sponsored events. The PTA also sponsors enrichment programs after-school on Mondays and Fridays.  Class parents and volunteers are encouraged and welcome, with the cooperation of the classroom teacher. By providing the PTA with your email address, you will receive notices, announcements, the PTA newsletter and other important information. Meetings are held monthly, usually on the first Thursday of the month, in the library.


The PTA has also established a fan page on Facebook, where they will also post news of upcoming events and Webster School happenings.


2019-2020 PTA Officers- PTA email: dwspta.weehawken@gmail.com

President:                    Christine Poulos

Vice-Presidents:        Leah Peckerman  & Jessi Rausch & Cecilia Sienra

Secretary:                    Julie Uribe & Maca Rodriguez Sanabria

 Treasurer:                        Rosanna Scarpati

DWS Class Parents



We are now proud members of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). Parents are welcome and encouraged to join the PTA which sponsors many worthwhile activities for our children and provides parents, teachers, and community members the opportunity to unite to improve children’s lives by addressing health, education and social concerns. Our Book Fair, Fun Day, 6th grade dance, Ice Cream Social, Taste of Roosevelt and many Family Fun activities are just a few examples of PTA-sponsored events. The PTA also runs enrichment programs after school.  Class parents and volunteers are encouraged and welcome, with the cooperation of the classroom teacher. By providing the PTA with your email address, you will receive notices, announcements,  and any important information. Meetings are held monthly and will be announced in advance.

The PTA has also established a fan page on Facebook, where they will also post news of upcoming events and Theodore Roosevelt  School happenings.

2020-2021 PTA Officers

President:                Marcia Mitolo

Vice President:        Jen Zelmer        

Secretary:                Natalie Ferullo

Treasurer:                Jamie Bann



Every teacher has an email address which they check daily. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher in this manner to ask questions and receive information.


Internet Access

Students have access to the Internet under the supervision of their teachers and they are expected to abide by the Board of Education’s Internet use policy, which may be found online at the district website. We are also distributing a parental permission form that you must sign if you will allow us to publish your child’s pictures in our newsletters, public relations materials, and other print and digital material. No child’s name will be used in promotional materials.

Policy 2361- Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers and Resources

Regulation 2361- Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers and Resources  


Technology Resources Policy

Using technology in the context of a school setting is not a right, but a privilege. Inappropriate use will result minimally in the suspension of that privilege.  Any student who uses the technological resources of the district consents to having all activities regarding this use monitored by a systems operator. All users of technology in Weehawken Public School are required to abide by the Weehawken Board of Education Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computer Resources Policy 2361.

Inappropropriate Uses: The following have been deemed inappropriate uses of technology by either the broad community of computer users or by legal judgment. The list is not all-inclusive, but includes the major categories of misuse of technology.

Network Etiquette and Child Safety: Students are expected to adhere to generally accepted rules of network behavior. These include:

Blended Learning Technology Consent Form

Dear Par­ents of school-aged children under the age of 13,

In order for the Weehawken Township School District to con­tinue to provide our students with the effec­tive tools to enhance their learning and to facilitate our blended learning initiatives, faculty members may use educational, web-based and online learning platforms and websites. By using the reliable, online platforms that we have contracted with, we are ensuring that our students do not stumble upon websites and online platforms that have not been properly vetted. Many of the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policies of these platforms state that, due to federal law, any user under the age of 13 must obtain parental permission to use their sites and often require an email address.

Our District uti­lizes sev­eral blended learning platforms and web-based ser­vices, oper­ated by third par­ty companies. In addition to Google Apps for Education (GAFE), some of the platforms used are PebbleGo, NewsELA, enVisions Math, ST Math, Mystery Science and other sim­i­lar edu­ca­tional pro­grams. A more comprehensive list can be found below.

In order for our stu­dents to use these pro­grams and ser­vices, cer­tain per­sonal iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion, usually their name and email address, must be pro­vided. Your student has received a district-issued Google account so s/he can use the Google Apps for Education tools. Under fed­eral law entitled the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), these web­sites must pro­vide parental noti­fi­ca­tion and obtain parental con­sent before col­lect­ing per­sonal infor­ma­tion from chil­dren under the age of 13. Additionally, we are in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that protects the privacy of students’ personally identifiable information. For more information on COPPA, please visit https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions. For more information about FERPA, please visit http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/students.html.

The law per­mits districts, like our District, to consent to the limited col­lec­tion of per­sonal infor­ma­tion on behalf the parents of our students. This eliminates the need for parental con­sent to the online platforms and service providers.

List of online blended learning resources or websites most commonly used by the Weehawken Township School District by faculty.

District Blended Learning Tools

Site Name


Google Apps for Education (GAFE)








National Geographic


enVisions Math


ST Math


How the Market Works






Khan Academy


Think Central (Journeys)


Middlebury Interactive Language






Choose My Plate


















Raz Kids




IXL Math




Ted Ed




Studies Weekly




NJ Center for Teaching & Learning


Vocabulary Workshop






Lumos Learning


Learn to be Healthy


ABC Mouse


ABCya!                                                  http://www.abcya.com/

See Saw                                        https://web.seesaw.me/

Linkit                                                www.linkit.com

Media Release

Throughout the school year students participate in class projects, programs, activities, field trips and events along with normal classroom routines that support their education, promote community service or encourage positive behavior.

Occasionally, staff, parents, and local media may cover these events by taking photographs or video. This may include newspaper, television, websites or other media productions. This also includes our school’s website and classroom and club web pages. Staff may occasionally videotape students perform, read, present a project or recite in Spanish.

This Media Consent Form is valid from the time of signature until at which time an updated/revised form is received during the years that the student(s) attends the Weehawken School District.

Student Internet Account Consent/Waiver Agreement

I have discussed the Computer/Internet Access Policy (#6163.2) and Regulations of the Weehawken Township School District with my parent/guardian as listed below. I agree to follow the terms and conditions contained in this policy and regulations. I understand that if I violate the rules, I may not be permitted to use the internet and school disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

I have read and agree to the District’s Computer/Internet Access Policy (#6163.2) and regulations. I understand that if my child violates the rules his or her account can be terminated and she or he may face other disciplinary measures or legal action.

I also recognize it is impossible for the Weehawken School System to restrict access to all controversial materials and I will not hold them responsible for materials acquired on the network.

I will instruct my child regarding any restrictions against accessing inappropriate material. I will supervise my child’s use of the system when my child is accessing the system from home. I will emphasize to my child the importance of following the rules for personal safety.

I hereby release the District, its personnel and any institutions with which it is affiliated, from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use of, or inability to use the District system, including but not limited to claims that may arise from the unauthorized use of the system to the purchase products or services.  

Parent and Student Handbook

Acknowledgment Form 2020-21

Weehawken Township School District

WeehawkenSchools.Net @WeehawkenTSD

Handbooks can be found at WeehawkenSchools.net


Parents/Guardians & Students:

Please sign the form below to indicate that you have received, read, and understand the Parent and Student Handbook and agree to abide by all district policies, including the following:

Return signed form to your child’s teacher or counselor.


Student Name  ______________________________________________________________

Grade ________ Teacher or Counselor____________________________________________

Parent Signature _____________________________________Date_____________________

Chromebook Release Form

School: Webster Schoool, Roosevelt School or Weehawken High School

Borrower’s name: ___________________________

Date: September 2021


It is my understanding that I am responsible for the Chromebook that will be distributed to me.

I agree to follow the district's guidelines for use and care of equipment.

I agree to return all equipment in the same condition when I am no longer at student at Roosevelt School or Weehawken High School.

I agree to report any problems to my homeroom teacher as soon as they occur.