DATE: 26 February 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer, Hany Emanuel., Lourens de Lange, Asaph Jeka, Frieda van Niekerk, Carol Lindeque and Charlotte von Stade

                            Apologies: Cornelia Mol


AGENDA:           1.            INTRODUCTION

2.            STATISTICS

3.            KG AFRICA

4.            KG ISHMAEL

5.            OTHER MATTERS

6.            CLOSURE



1.             INTRODUCTION


The meeting is opened in prayer. Fervent prayer is made for peace in Syria and the Ishmael nations.

Frieda will take prayer requests for individuals of the KG TEAM, so we must please submit requests to her via Whatsapp. We can use the KGTEAM Prayer and Answer Whatsapp group for this purpose.


There is a prophetic word for Hany Word for Hany that he will find keys in the most unlikely places to unlock ancient nations. Hardus reminds Hany that he said that we are granted authority from heaven to unlock the nations.  Carol hands Hany a key as a prophetic action.


We need to raise up intercessors. Carol says when in Russia, they could feel how their prayer covering lifted during December when everybody went on holiday and forgot to pray for them. She will write something that will explain to people why we need prayer covering for the Kingdom Global mandate.


Hugo shares scriptures from Joshua 1 with the meeting.

Jos. 1:3 says "... every place your foot has tread, I have given it to you" - we are the Joshuas going in.

Verse 6 "be strong and of good courage" - this implicates that we can become weak and discouraged.

Verse 7 "observe to do according to all the law..." - be focused in what you do.

Verse 9 repeats "be strong and of good courage".


God is a God of absolutes; in Daniel 2 it says that the rock that became a huge mountain, covered the whole earth.

In Joshua 13:1 God says to Joshua there remains very much land yet to be possessed". If you are alive, it means you still have work to do.

Joshua 21:43 "The Lord gave to Israel all the land ..."

Eph. 3:20 says God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us and 1 Cor. 3:7 says one plants and another one waters, but it is God who gives the increase.


In Matthew 13, the parable of the dragnet, all types of fish are caught. In the end God will separate the good from the bad that is not our job. The bad fish will be thrown out but the righteous will shine as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Our job is to catch fish and that is why we do what we do.



2.             STATISTICS


Elias: The Israelites needed information about the land in order to conquer it. Therefore we also need knowledge, we need a picture of our promised land and this is why we map out the communities. God has given us strategy to map out areas and countries, even though we are not physically in that country.


Statistics: We have mapped out the country up to zone level.

The number of zones per provinces is:

Eastern Cape

Northern Cape

Western Cape

Free State


Kwa-Zulu Natal



North West











Gauteng has 2 823 communities which are divided as follows: Ekurhuleni has 283, Johannesburg 1 568 and the rest is divided between Soweto, Lenasia, Randburg and Diepsloot.

In the country there are a total of 52 regions, 208 areas, 1063 zones and 2873 Kingdom Communities.

Hugo discovers a web page that might help us to map out areas: www.linx.co.za


Statistics for Whatsapp groups:

Angola 1

Afghanistan 1

In Africa a total of 810 groups have been opened of which 274 are active.

In South Africa 522 groups are opened of which 112 are active.

Europe has 39 active groups and globally there are 315 active groups.


This week 46 people joined 27 different Facebook groups.

Hugo says it is of utmost importance that we get the statistics correct.


Elias says he gathers his information from the Accept and Welcome sheet and he notes the update under the relevant community.


The information Cornelia sent to the meeting shows that there are a total of 259 active Facebook groups and that 27 groups have new people that were added to it.


Lourens is not in agreement with the total number of groups that are active. Elias says that he does not take into account people that were added by us, only people who asked to join the groups on own initiative.  If we say we have 2000 active groups and only 27 new people have joined in a week, something is wrong. For instance in the Hillbrow group many of the people were added by himself and only 7 asked to join on own initiative.



Lourens says he will get statistics on how many people joint from day 1 apart from KG TEAM members.


Hardus says we must make sure that the Facebook and Whatsapp groups balance. At this stage there are more Facebook than Whatsapp groups.

Asaph says all this information comes from different people and everything needs to be put in one report. Hugo says he is working with Elias to have standardized report because Elias finds it difficult to reconcile the information from the different people.


Elias has to know who posts in what groups. It is too much work for one person.


Frieda says we must keep a backup of the master list of all the Whatsapp groups on a computer because it will become too much for a smartphone to handle. Hardus says at this stage his phone makes backups every week. Lourens says we must have a spreadsheet that is backed up on Google sheets. We also need more than one admin for every group in case someone loses a phone. Need spare phone with the information on all the groups that are kept in a safe.



3.             KG AFRICA


Hardus : If we take the world, it is divided into:

7 continents

Africa has 54 countries

Asia:  50

Australia and Oceania : 14

Europe : 51

North America : 23

South America : 12

Antarctica : 1


Links have been opened for the whole of Africa.

In summary, there are in Africa : Provinces : 648, Regions 1405, Areas 15 000 or more.


Hugo asks Hardus to also give a breakdown of these figures for East, West and Central Africa. Figures are important to share so we can get a heart for the harvest.


Hardus says there are currently around 106 KG TEAMS.



4.             KG ISHMAEL


Elias shares a dream he's had where he is in an Ishmael country and the government goes from house to house. People who are Christians get a choice to either be deported or get killed.  After all Christians have been either deported or killed, the remaining people (Muslims) start to ask why is it that Jesus' coming was prophesied but not that of Muhammad.

Elias also shares that the past week he hears, over and over again the words "Iraq" and "Tetelestai" (Greek for "it is finished").


Hany says that he believes the dream points confirms what is happening, that Ishmael is starting to question their faith due to the violence associated with it and also due to information that has become available through the internet.


Hany says we need new strategy on how to partner with God. If you fight the battle down on the ground, you probably are going to lose. We need to take the battle to the sky; the serpent cannot fight in the sky. What he means is that we need to take the battle to where the strongholds or the roots are, the roots of rejection, the roots of fatherlessness.


When talking to Ishmaelites, one can use scientific facts and many times you may win the argument but not the person. Jesus will not reward us for arguments won, but for souls won. One difference between Religion and Kingdom is that in religion we chase numbers, while in the Kingdom it is about family, relationships that reflect God.


From Abraham's family all families on the earth will be blessed. This is God’s plan. Orphan spirit of Ishmael is because he was cut from Abraham's family. Ishmael had an inheritance with Abraham but then he was kicked out. Nevertheless it is said that Ishmael and Isaac buried their father together and so the two met the first time in 75 years.


The devil has one strategy with  all people. He steals their identity under a religious name, whether it is ancestor worship or Islam. God wants to restore the family so it can have the ability to adopt. We need to change from religion to family. We must take the battle to spiritual realm. The best strategy is to love, love, love. The Father is there for everyone to draw them to Jesus. We need to deal with rejection. Satan functions through fear, love casts out fear. Any religious spirit results in death. You can debate, but make sure love dominates the debate.


Hany discovered that in Hebrew there is no word for “fair”. The story is not finished yet, so we cannot say whether it is fair or not. We must stop defining ourselves by our gifts and positions and let our identity be established in being part of God’s family. God will not add Ishmael to a religion, but to a family.


Lourens says we are called to be God’s witnesses, not His lawyers.



5.             OTHER MATTERS


Hugo is meeting with Dr Snowy Khoza this week. She is the CEO of the Bigen Group. On 8 February God spoke to her after a time of prayer and fasting and told her that she has to work together with Kingdom Global. Dr. Khoza is well known and a sought after speaker.


She will travel a lot with us. They have projects in 19 countries. A formal contract will be drawn up between us and them. Bigen said they will finance all Hugo’s travels in Africa. This might expand to other people on team as well later.


Hugo says that often the Lord put teams in front of us and we don't know the reason for it. Suddenly things happen and the reason starts to open up.


There will be a meeting with a team from Bigen and a team from Kingdom Global. She wants to move into Africa as never before.


Hugo says we need two things: 1) to pray and 2) to have a level of alertness so we can move quickly when God speaks.


Our statistics can help Bigen to fast track their thinking.


KG Compassion


Asaph has written the outline for the website and sent it to Charlotte. Lourens says he will get it ready for the website to open a new vertical. Charlotte will send him the information she received from Asaph.


Johan and Nita need their email to be set up. Charlotte will assist them with it.


Hardus must send Hugo a standard description for Kingdom Global to be used on the Facebook pages for all the African countries. The name of each country will just be changed as needed.


Lourens says we have to renew our website subscription by 10 June. It would be good if we could have the new website ready by then so we don't need to pay the renewal.


Hany has contact with Len Weyers, a businessman who has a very good relationship with the Zambian president, Edgar Lungu. We must look at key projects we can work with in Zambia because business projects are door openers for us.


Lourens must create a kingdomglobal.org address for Hany.


The meeting is closed in prayer.