Reflection-sophomore inspire week; trails 2000


During the days leading up to our volunteer days, we worked on building skills that will help us further refine our resumes and applications. We would go to different blocks that were designated to one different skill i.e resume, financial aid and scholarships, and zeemee video workshops. On Monday, we began to build skills and drafted a few prototypes of our resumes. We worked on refining these throughout Tuesday and uploaded them to our digital portfolio. During this prep time, we also got into our volunteer groups, and started working on what we need to pack and do for videoing on our field days.


  What did you expect coming into the Trails 2000 group?

I expected multiple things, but the main things I expected was to learn what the organization was about and leave with an understanding of what it really takes to create a trail system in Durango Colorado. I met this expectation because our leader Emma made sure we understood things not only about how to use tools properly or what needs to get done, but the process it takes to make a trail and some background information about the organization. I learned that the name Trails 2000 was created because the organizations wanted to create more than 2000 miles of trails by the year 2000.  Also learned that they put in proposals for different trails and the board of directors actually votes on them. I always thought that they just named a location and just started digging, but there is so much more to the actual beforehand planning than that. You first have to draw out your idea and plan how it will be created and what materials you will need to make it. I learned a lot more than I expected through these two days, and the most important thing was that the amount of effort and thought that goes into each trail is so much more than I expected. I left with a newfound appreciation for our trail systems in Durango and hope to volunteer with Trails 2000 in the future.

How did we work as a team?

        We worked okay together, but there were soe times were we fought over little things such as what music to play, or how far away we should be to effectively clean up the trails.  All in all we worked well together and got a lot of things done.

        The first day was the most productive. In the afternoon we had time to go to some of the sites and actually build confident markers and weed some of the trails, we worked really well together and got 3 karens done.

        On Thursday we fought a little more but got about 2 miles of trails done.