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Why Linear Draw Seminar
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Why is Linear Draw To Alignment/Force Balance better than Angular Draw?


Especially for those of you who have competitive aspirations, I highly recommend you watch (doesn't have to be all in one setting) this seminar about Linear Draw and Alignment/Force Balance Shooting Method.  Applauded by Rick McKinney (3 time world champion), this seminar is put on by Chris Hill, very successful coach, privy to most everything in Korean archery, and my friend.

Lessons with me will very much be aligned with this Linear teaching and shooting method, and be conducted within my collaborative style of coaching.  But be prepared to work - my job is to observe/instruct/inform.  Your job is to supply your own motivation and to 'do'.

Assessment:  in the last year, did you climb up your archery skill/performance ladder to the height you wanted to?  

           If so, congrats - keep your current training/prep strategy and hope for a continuation/furtherance of that success.

           If not, condolences - maybe time to reassess your training/prep strategy and ascertain if a change in your self-directed methods/strategy is called for.  Also known as "if I want a different result, should I continue the same strategy that didn't work this time?"

  Those of you who want a rocket boost to better form/better performance this year, get with me on setting up a lesson plan and we'll get started.

Happy Shooting!