NOHS Band Booster Meeting Notes 2019-2020

July 26th Parent Meeting and End of Camp Performance

Scott welcomed all of the parents and shared that the week has gone great. Students are bonding and doing great work. He invited everyone to see the opener on the field at 7.

Thanks to Shirley and Margie for arranging food, volunteers, and lots more camp this week.

Reminder, to check the calendar online for the up-to-date information regarding continued practice next week. August 5th is open house for teachers. Shoes fittings will be done at 5pm. Band pictures are at 5:30. If you don't have band shoes yet, wear completely black shoes and socks.

Check the website for specific practice times on the website.

Charms is how we send emails. Parents were asked to let us know if you haven't gotten the emails. We are having students check over thfor errors. Email is best for contacting Mr. Smith, expecially if there are special circumstances for absences.

A parent asked about evening practices and Scott shared the students can stay after school in the band room so they don't ride a bus home and then drive right back. Scott shared he will send out much more information as events approach.

Wayne praised Mr. Smith as being a great director. Wayne shared that he helps facilitate communication and work between Mr. Smith and the parents/boosters. The booster goals are to support the band as it grows. He shared that we're always looking for people to join our board.

Wayne continued to speak for his wife in regards to getting many emails this year, but they are needed to keep us successful. Next Thursday night (August 1st, 6:30 pm), we are having a a parent meeting to find parent leaders for the concession area. We also need volunteers for away competitions and away games.

The spirit store is available online now (through August 5th). It will be delivered to the school and to you.

Shirley and Margie: Thanks to all of those who gave gift cards and items to our kid giveaways, fruits and veggies. If you didn't get a personally owned bowls or platters, they are on the table under the dry erase board in the band room.

Lynn and Tanya: Uniforms for Wind and percussion were passed out this week. Thanks to all of the moms that came out to help with that. Although a couple of students are still without a uniform, we are working to get the uniforms altered to fit well. If you haven't been contacted about this, please let Tanya know. Flagline has not received their bags yet. They should have them before the first game. Remember to check the parent handbook that you have signed. Especially important is making sure during any alterations, you don't do any cutting, just hemming, so we can take them out for new kids next year. Uniforms should be dry cleaned at least twice a year (before you turn it in as well). Please put an identification for the bags and garment bags. But, make it temporary (no inks). Don't iron the uniforms. Make sure you have long, plain black socks to wear.

Joel showed everyone the two ways to find our calendar from the website, as well as the new links for spirit wear purchases and Sign Up Genius from Wayne. He also made a general request for anyone who has a special conection with Verizon or AT&T for help with a mobile wifi project he is working on for the transmission of our halftime show and digital payment processing for the concession stands.

Jeff asked that parents please put their student name and what the check is for in the memo line. Please use Charms to find out what has been paid for and your contact information. If you send in more money than was needed for something, we don't try to give change, we put it in the students' miscellaneous account. The largest fund raiser comes from the concession stands. Please go to the sign-up genius to see how you can help. Fundraisers go to an "all band" fund. Other fund raisers can go towards the student's individual accounts and can be used for trips and such. The next meeting will include a treasurer's report.

July 20th (Executive Board)

Jeff shared that he and Shirley were thankful and impressed that there were so many freshman parents around and helping during freshman camp. Having those parents are great because support for each part (especially concessions) are needed to make it all easier for us to support our kids.

A discussion regarding digitizing forms took place. All forms are to remain in paper form, except next year’s commitment forms. Moving those to a Google Form will make entering the information into Charms a much faster process in the spring. We will review the process in February.

It was shared that the lunch choice form has been working very well and parents have been giving compliments about the ease of using it for food choices.

Band Camp Setup






Competitions and Special Events

May 6th

Rising Ninth Grade Parent Meeting (7:00pm)

Scott went over the packet of inform parents what’s needed for commitments. Wayne shared some general information for the future (moving to a four bus band).

VP 1: Band Camp and Jazz Dessert

Shirley Eddy and Margie Hines (not present)

VP 2: Uniform and Awards Banquet

Tonya Henderson and Lynn Hughes

VP 3: Concessions: Nicole Rivera and Adrian Torres

Secretary: Joel Frey

Treasurer: Jeff Henderson

Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa Suggs

Mr. Smith Closes the Meeting

Executive Board Meeting (6:15pm)

Wayne called the meeting to order