1. Modified Shock Index compared to Shock Index to evaluate patient with

shock. Samawee Sangweanwong, MD

2. Characteristics of ultrasound findings in patient with non-traumatic shock

presented at emergency department, Nopparat Rajathani Hospital.

Palita Lungchukiet, MD

3. Appropriable Depth of Right Internal Jugular Vein Catheterization :

Cricoid Cartilage to Sternal Angle Method Compared with 15-centimetre

(cm.) depth Method. Sriwanna Manatiwson, MD

4. Ultrasound Guidance versus the Landmark Technique for the Placement

of Central Venous Catheters in the Emergency Department of Chonburi

hospital. Tanut Jirabundansuk, MD

5. Prospective observational study of ultrasound-guide emergency

procedure in emergency room, Rajavithi hospital.

Winchana Srivilaithon, MD

6. Ultrasonography in confirming proper position of endotracheal tube in

emergency department at Siriraj hospital : applicability and accuracy

Sithichai Veerananchai , MD

7. Efficacy of the modified syringe and bulb esophageal detector devices for

the tracheal intubation : a pilot study in an emergency room.

Rajarek Junsang, MD

8. Survival outcome of Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Emergency Medical

Service, Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital. Rujada Sarajit, MD

9. Success rates and Predictors of Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation at

The Emergency Room of Songklanagarind Hospital.

10. Review of radiographic signs in pneumoperitoneum.Titi Eiampaisal, MD

11. An agreement of bedside abdominal ultrasonography to diagnose acute

cholecystitis by emergency physicians and radiologists.

Teeranai Sakulchit, MD

Febrile adults presenting to the emergency department, Bhumibol

Adulyadej Hospital : Outcomes and markers of serious illness.

Weerachai saengsook , MD

2. Risk factors of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing

enterobacteriaceae bacteremia in emergency department of king

chulalongkorn memorial hospital. Chatgaew Chumpengpan, MD

3. Clinical features of pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza differentiated from

seasonal influenza and the (rRT)-PCR negative suspected influenza

infectious patients. Pariwat Phungoen, MD

4. Preliminary Study of efficacy and safety of Siriraj Ayurved Herbal drug

“Ya-ha-rak” for fever reduction in adult with fever due to common cold.

Isorn Sookwanish, MD

5. The Clinical study of characteristics , risk factor of death and mortality

rate in sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock patient in emergency

department , Rajavithi hospital. Pensiri burinkul, MD

6. The study of assessment in critically illed pediatric patients’ weight at

emergency room in Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital Royal Thai Airforce.

Natcha Thanakijsombat,MD

7. Correlation between heart rate and temperature in acute febrile

children. Sorravit Savatmongkornkul, MD

8. Predicting factors of successful non-invasive positive pressure

ventilation (NIPPV) treatment for patients with impending respiratory

failure in Emergency Department. Sommart Akarakunanon, MD

9. The Validation of CURB-65 in Prognosis of Community Acquired

Pneumonia in Emergency Room at Ramathibodi Hospital. Montree

Suriya-amrith, MD

10.Effectiveness of Three Predictive Rules (CURB-65, CRB-65, and A-

DROP) for Assessing the 30 Day Mortality Rate of Community-

Acquired Pneumonia. Chanida Kwanthitinan, MD

The factors of traffic accidents cases in four districts with

responsibilities of Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital. Sasipak wangmuang,


2. Accuracy of FAST for diagnosis intra-abdominal hemorrhage in blunt

abdominal trauma at emergency room of Chonburi Hospital. Parinya

Auttavorapong, MD

3. A prospective observational analysis of factors associated with

delayed complication of isolated rib fractured patient in emergency

room Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. Parinya Tianwibool, MD

4. Acute pain assessment for the elderly patient with hip fracture in the

emergency department of Faculty of medicine ,Vajira Hospital.

Supa Niruntaraj, MD

5. Missed injuries in patient referred from violence in the southern border

provinces of Thailand. Asman Ali, MD

6. Missed injuries in riot control mass casualties during 9th - 10th April

2010 at Phramongkutklao Hospital. Duangruethai Tunprom,MD

7. Factors influencing injury severity score in Thai Military Personnel

injured in mass casualty incident on 10th April 2010. Nuttapong

Boonthep, MD

8. Ramathibodi hospital medical response to mass casualty incidence on

7th october 2008 using the template for observer reports of crises.

Yajai Apibunyopas, MD

9. Validity and reliability of Khon Kaen Emergency Severity Index Scores

(KESI) at the emergency department of Khon Kaen Hospital. Porntipa

Tantibundit, MD

10. Accuracy of pediatric triage before and after sentinel event at

emergency department, Siriraj hospital. Phawat Tanprasith,MD

1. The prehospital factors influence to mortality in military and police

personnel in Yala province. Jakkrapong Khruacharoen, MD.

2. The appropriateness of patient transfer by the emergency medical

service in Zone 7. Pavarisa Jaruvanakul, MD

3. The study of factors that affect response time in Kumklao EMS,

Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital. Krittaya Kanjanarut, MD

4. Accuracy of emergency medical dispatch direction of Khon Kaen

province. Santi Subpinyo, MD

5. “Nagarind01” A new simple out-of-hospital triage tool to predict high

risk patient. Warittha Srisansanee, MD

6. Are wuestionnaires on unconscious symptoms reliable predictors for

life threatening condition in prehospital setting? Ram


7. A prospective observation study of prehospital intubation in

Narenthorn EMS Center Rajavithi Hospital. Sukanya Wannasri, MD

8. Prevalence and characteristic of the patients dispatched with high

acuity code in Narenthorn EMS Center Rajavithi Hospital. Piyawan

Rungkiatarporn, MD

9. Revisits to emergency room at Nopparat-Rajathanee Hospital.

Paranee Rakvidhyasastra, MD

10. Revisits within 48 hours to emergency department of Vajira

Hospital. Sataporn Surawongwattana,MD

1. Factors related with the administration of thrombolytic agent to

ischemic stroke patients in stroke fast track in Chonburi Hospital.

Khoson Chantaraviwat, MD.

2. Factors related to delayed administration of fibrinolytic agent in

STEMI fast track : Emergency department of Chonburi Hospital.

Narathip Lohirunyanon, MD

3. Improving acute stroke care by acute stroke fast track protocol

implementation. Rangsarid Rangson, MD

4. The association between emergency department length of stay and

inpatient length of stay in critically ill patient,Siriraj Hospital.

Marut Siriwatthanadechakul, MD

5. Accuracy of syncope guidelines in risk stratification of syncope in

emergency department, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital.

Kamphee Sruamsiri, MD

6. Clinical risk score to predict variceal bleeding in patients present

with upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Tanat Incharoen,MD

7. The quantitative criteria for diagnosis hyperkalemia from

electrocardiogram. Sasima Witayawinit, MD

8. Risk factors, mortality rate and complications of acute myocardial

infarction in the young in Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen

University ; A retrospective study during 2005-2009. Thapanawong

Mitsungnern, MD

9. Prevalence of hyperkalemia in adult patients taking spironolactone

and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin

receptor blockers. Nat Thunpiphat, MD

10. Emergency department length of stays,mortality, complication and

hospital length of stay in non-STEMI and unstable angina patients at

Nopparat-Rajathanee Hospital. Ronnachai Kaewpadung, MD