20/00972/FUL | Demolition of the existing warehouse and ancillary office building and construction of residential (flatted) development including purpose-built student accommodation, general housing and affordable housing, public realm improvements, hard and soft landscaping and associated infrastructure, including vehicular access. | 48 - 50 Iona Street Edinburgh EH6 8SW

DATE: Mon, 4 May 2020

FROM: Harald Tobermann, LCCC <planning.LCCC@leithcentralcc.co.uk>

TO: Carla Parkes <Carla.Parkes@edinburgh.gov.uk>

CC: Planning <planning@edinburgh.gov.uk>

Dear Carla Parkes

I write on behalf of Leith Central Community Council to object to the above planning application for the following reasons:

Finally, we regard the impact of the insertion of an inappropriately dimensioned facade on the vista along Iona Street towards the A-listed Pilrig St Paul's Church and the Leith Conservation Area as detrimental to both, and perhaps more importantly on the identity of the area and thus the very quality - community cohesion - that underpins the high density of our area.

We urge you to reject the development in its present form and scale and would ask the developer to address our concerns regarding unacceptable student density and surface water issues that were highlighted during the PAC process.

Best wishes

Harald Tobermann
Vice Chair
Leith Central Community Council