Operational Policies and Procedures

Table of Contents

Operational Policies 1-4

Health and Safety Policy

Curriculum Delivery Policy

Aquatics Procedure

Curriculum Reporting to the Board Procedure

Bullying Procedure

Gifted and Talented Procedure

Bus Procedures

Reporting to Parents Procedure

Child Access Procedure

Student Achievement Procedure

Behaviour Management Procedure

Operational Policies 6-7

Education Outside The Classroom Procedures

Appointments Procedure

Emergency Plan and Pandemic Plan

Classroom Release Procedure

Evacuation Due to Flooding Procedure

Complaints Procedure

First Aid/Administration of Medicines Procedures

Equal Employment Opportunities Procedure

Food and Nutrition Procedure

Good Employer and Personnel Procedure

Internet Safety Procedure

Performance Management Procedure

Privacy Procedure

Police Vetting and Safety Checking Procedure

Security of School Site Procedure

Professional Development Procedure

Smokefree Procedure

Registration of Teachers Procedure

Stand Down and Suspension Procedure

Reimbursement of Expenses Procedure

Student Abuse Procedures

Sexual Harassment Procedure

Sun Smart Procedure

Staff Leave Procedure

Tokoiti School Child Protection Policy

Tokoiti School Protected Disclosures Procedure

Tokoiti School Uniform Policy

Operational Policies 8-10

Truancy Procedure

Financial Management Procedures

Legal Responsibilities Policy

Property Management Procedures

Animal Welfare Procedure

Tokoiti School Asset Protection Procedure

Attendance Procedure

Tokoiti School Credit Card Procedure

Community Partnership and Consultation Procedure

Tokoiti School Entertainment Procedure

Enrolment Procedure

Tokoiti School Sensitive Expenditure Procedure

Copyright Procedure

Tokoiti School Separation of Duties Procedure

Pre-school Liaison Procedure

Tokoiti School Theft and Fraud Prevention Procedure

Promotion of Students Procedure

Tokoiti School Travel Procedure

Religious Instruction Procedure

Tokoiti School Handbook

School Closure Procedure

Treaty of Waitangi Procedure


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