DATE:                 06 November 2017

PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Hardus van Deventer, Elias Kaweme, Jackie van Deventer, Lourens de Lange, Asaph Jeka (Tembisa), Debbie Meyer, Michelle Cronjé, Carol Lindeque, André van Eeden and Charlotte von Stade




1.             INTRODUCTION



4.             PEDRO AND ACCOLADES

5.             PRAYER CALENDAR

6.             2018

7.             OTHER PROVINCES




11.           RADIO LICENSE



14.           STATISTICS


16.           OTHER MATTERS

17.           CONCLUSION



1.             INTRODUCTION


Hugo asks Debbie Meyer to open the meeting in prayer. Hugo welcomes everybody and mentions how, after a bicycle accident, he once again realised how grateful we can be if we have access to good doctors and medical treatment.


Carol says that she came to know about a doctor in Alexandra who started a concept she calls Quali Health where people have access to good quality medical facilities at an affordable rate. The focus is on people, not on making money. There are clinics in Alexandra, Diepkloof and Soweto. (A Google search showed that the name of the doctor is Nthabiseng Legoete and their web address is www.qualihealth.co.za). Hugo says this could possibly be another vertical.


As introduction, Hugo asks the meeting what the first manifestation on earth was of the Kingdom of God. The answer is the Garden of Eden.

He then asks what the second manifestation was of the Kingdom of God on earth. The answer is the nation of Israel. There were organisations in place in Israel, such as the nation being divided into 12 tribes. There was order. The Israelites did not understand God's purpose and started to look for a king; they wanted a ruler this side of heaven.  What Hugo wants to illustrate with this, is that the Kingdom of God does not consist of earthly, temporal things such as buildings.  Many Christians make the same mistake; they look for their leader this side of heaven.


This is one of the revelations of Kingdom Global. We should all be attached to the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. That is why the structure that are being build, is a matrix


The first level of the matrix goes horizontally. It focuses on communities and collections of communities. A collection of communities forms an area and a collection of areas forms a region. A collection of regions will be a province, a state or a county (such as in Kenya). A collection of provinces will form a country, a collection of countries will form a continent and the continents will form the world.


The second layer are the verticals made up by the giftings, ministries and callings God has given us. It can be intercession, spiritual warfare, evangelism, Christian business, infrastructure, etc.

When you bring the verticals and the horizontals together, you see a matrix.


Within the matrix there is an easy interaction. There are no bottlenecks or traffic jams because you don't need to go through a structure in order to move. If for instance a person heads up a horizontal and sees they need intercession, he can contact Carol directly without having to go through a central person. The only requirement is being led by the Holy Spirit. So if you are prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something, you can move quickly and don't need to wait for meetings to make decisions. It is very important for the church to be able to move quickly in the last days.





The minutes of the previous meeting was read by Charlotte. Changes were made where necessary and the minutes were accepted.


The remainder of the meeting was spent largely on feedback, follow up and clarification of these minutes.


In order to give access to the minutes to everybody who should have access, Charlotte will load the Minutes in Google Docs. The permission settings will be made that anybody with access to the link can view the document. This means that the document will not be able to be edited by anyone who has a link to view it. The link will then be posted on the Kingdom Global TEAM facebook group so that all TEAM members can view it.


Hugo mentions the "secret island" that Lourens created on the web site. It is a specific place in the logo, where when you click on it, a page opens where Kingdom Global TEAM members can enter upon providing the password. In this space we conceptualize, plan and build the KG Horizontals and Verticals before we launch them onto the KG platform called Kingdom Global Matrix.





Lourens says that adding and welcoming a new member, really is one step. Doing it from Hugo's facebook account, works well. He has created the Response Master List spread sheet which indicates which processes has been completed. The spreadsheet has been shared with Hugo and Elias even though Hugo has fully delegated the task of processing new people. Elias says that he updates his Master List in sync with Lourens' Response Master List.


Lourens must still create the picture with a link to the welcome video.[1]


Hardus asks if he must open spreadsheets for other groups, for instance Kenya. Hugo answers that everything we do here, must be duplicated in other groups. The important thing is that people in the other groups, must be trained to use these systems. [2]


Lourens remarks that if we could get the systems working well for us, it will be easier to implement elsewhere.


Hugo says that training sessions must be recorded as far as possible so that it can be used to train more people. Moreover, the questions one group asks, will be the same questions coming from another group.[3]


4.             PEDRO AND ACCOLADES


(Refer to Point 6 of the previous minutes).

Elias made contact with Pedro, but he was not very cooperative and said that either Lourens or Hugo should contact him since he would not speak to Elias. Hugo said he will contact Pedro and try to restore the relationship with him and encourage Pedro to plug into a ministry, even if it is not Kingdom Global.


Asaph says that a lot of confusion was created by the situation regarding Pedro - the people are confused and even he himself is confused.


Hugo reiterates that the decision to  stop all meetings at Accolades except for the monthly Kingdom Global TEAM meeting, was a purely business decision. The agreement Accolades made, was with Kingdom Global and Pedro's meetings are not Kingdom Global meetings. Furthermore, Accolades cannot give the hall to 3 people. Kingdom Global takes responsibility for and regulates only the monthly TEAM meetings held at Accolades.


Carol says that if such a situation arises again, we need to speak up sooner. If a problem situation is addressed in love and respect, it will limit the damage. We should recognise people's expectations and make sure if it lines up with that of Kingdom Global.


Asaph says that the good news is that a new group will be established in Midrand now.


Carol encourages everyone to pray against confusion and that the people who have a passion for the Kingdom of God, will return to the group.


Carol asks Hugo if he would send an official letter to everybody, apologising for the confusion that arose from this situation and to let them know that it has been dealt with. Hugo says he will send a Whatsapp message on behalf of the leadership of Kingdom Global to this effect.[4]


Lourens says that he agrees fully with what Carol said in that we as leadership need to discern quicker where potential problems might arise. Hugo replies that a good safeguard in this matter would be to ensure that Kingdom Global would never turn into a one-man show.


5.             PRAYER CALENDAR


Carol says she is busy working on a Prayer Calendar that can be shared with everyone in Kingdom Global. It might give people more confidence to pray about things or give them guidance on how and what to pray for. The Prayer Calendar will focus on making declarations about who God is, about the Word, who they (the people who pray) are. People can of course expand on the prayer calendar. The idea is to repeat the Prayer Calendar every month. The Prayer Calendar should be ready in 2018.[5]


6.             2018


(Refer to point 7 of the previous minutes).


With regard to the separate TEAM meetings to be held in Gauteng from 2018, Hugo says that meetings for the different TEAMs would be held on different Saturdays each month. It is envisaged that there will be a Gauteng TEAM meeting once every 3 months.


There are many church halls that we could rent for such meetings. For the Pretoria TEAM meeting, Hugo will contact Living Word, Montana to speak to Mario Steyn about a possible venue[6]. Hugo asks Carol to remind him to contact Mario.[7]


Carol remembers about Colla de Klerk from the AFM. He could be a possible contact for Elias for a venue in Johannesburg.  Hugo says we need to be active and look for available options.


Hugo informs the meeting that there is now an option to rent a smaller part of the indoor Arena at Time Square, opposite Menlyn Maine. This smaller part would be able to house around 3000 people. Nevertheless, we stand in faith for the whole Arena, not just a part of it.


Hugo says that Asaph will head up Operational Meetings in Tembisa and Midrand.

Hardus says Asaph must download the Google Sheet for the different Kingdom Communities in Midrand.


Hugo explains that Midrand would be called a Region. Tembisa is one of the areas in Midrand. Within Tembisa there would be various Kingdom Communities.  Hugo asks Hardus and Asaph to look at mapping the Midrand region.[8]  These Kingdom Communities need to be pinpointed on Google Maps. Charlotte says she will do the mapping if she could get a list of the names of all these Kingdom Communities from Hardus and Asaph.[9]


Lourens says the pins are not dropped at a specific address, only in the area. Once there is a man of peace, the pin can be moved to a specific address.  This mapping will continue to be a work in progress.


All Facebook groups opened for Kingdom Communities in the Midrand region, must be linked to the already opened facebook group Midrand Kingdom Community.


Hugo remembers that Kwedi and Ben has an internet shop. If Asaph could train them to do the mapping, they could help us. Charlotte must send her instructions on how to do the mapping to Asaph.[10]


Charlotte shares with the meeting how she did the outline of the maps of the Moot area. It is agreed that it is not a practical option since it is so cumbersome.  Lourens says there is a way one can, on Google Earth, draw an outline of an area and then share that with people.


Referring to Point 7, paragraph 4 of the previous minutes, Hugo says that in order to strengthen Asaph, Kingdom Global will provide him with data and transport to the meetings.


Referring to Point 7, paragraph 5, Charlotte says that she tried to get feedback from people on whether their experience is what people prefer;  business cards or pamphlets, but had no feedback. Elias and Asaph agrees that business cards would just work fine. We will therefore print business cards and not pamphlets. Hugo says we will also need computers for people.


Hugo says that it is of the utmost importance that communities worldwide, be transformed into Kingdom Communities. The goal is to transform every community in South Africa into a Kingdom Community by the end of 2017.[11]


 7.             OTHER PROVINCES


The Kingdom Global Headquarters for Eastern Cape, will be in East London and that for the Western Cape, in George.


In Limpopo, Burgersfort will be the HQ. Frans Masenga(?) is the contact person there. Lourens says that Fanus Meyer has been ministering in that area for years, so we should contact him as well.[12]


Hugo says we need people in KwaZulu-Natal and in North West. Hugo will speak to Koos van der Merwe who had been our contact person in North West and ask him to transfer the connections he has there, to us.[13]


In the North West, there is the Royal Bafokeng. We need a man of peace there. Debbie has some names there. She will arrange for us to meet these people when she is in Gauteng next week.


Debbie gives a testimony about the power of unity. She tells about how God worked out things that a chrome project will now stand to benefit Kingdom Global, as well as other Christian organisations such as Living Word

Chrome was created by God; people mine the chrome and the chrome is converted into money. Money is converted into computers, cell phones and such and these are again converted into souls that are saved.


Hugo says this just shows how all things are from God, through God and for God. (Rom.11:37).




(Refer to point 4 of the previous Minutes).

The programme that NetExchange will develop for us, will be similar to Wikipedia in that Kingdom Global members from all over the world would be able to contribute to it.  People would for instance be able to post ideas there or do planning in the system.


Debbie says that Arno Opperman has already done mapping of the whole of South Africa and we could get the information from him.[14]


Hugo says that our next step is to raise up prayer in communities. From that we will identify Key Persons. There are ±2 500 communities defined in Gauteng at present. The prayer calendar, which will also be on the Kingdom Global app, will help people to pray.




Debbie says they are raising up Kingdom Business Connect where local Christian businesses join instead of joining the local Business Chamber. Hugo says that this is a powerful vertical in Kingdom Global. It will create a platform for a business chamber and link Christian businesses globally. Hugo says we should call it the "Kingdom Business Chamber".


Elias says that this Kingdom Business Chamber can advertise within the chamber. It will generate income to advance the Kingdom of God. People will start to want to come in but the criteria must always be that they are born again.

Businesses are Kingdom instruments.


André explains how, in the Jewish culture, the Bar Mitzvah is much more than just a religious ceremony. At that time, an investment is also made in the young person. His giftings is explored, he is given responsibility and he is mentored into starting a business. By age 30, this youngster will again be ready to invest in the next generation.


Lourens tells about the GIG (Generational Income Group) that exists. GIG advocates that one should have at least a 100 year plan. Lourens will introduce Debbie to GIG. (More information on GIG can be found at this link: http://www.hub.za.org/gigclub.hub.za.org).


Debbie says we need to transfer our anointing to other people.




Hugo tells the meeting a bit more about André van Eeden and his wife Minette. Andre has been doing training for many years. He has prayer strategies in place. Hugo says this is the prayer army he has been looking for. André reminds everyone that the battle is won in prayer.


Debbie says that links has been prepared, all that needs to be done, is that the links must be plugged in.

11.           RADIO LICENSE


Exciting news is that Kingdom Global has been granted a radio license. With the radio license we can also do Television broadcasting.

Kabelo 'KB' Ngakane who used to be a very popular radio host on 5FM will be involved in Kingdom Global Broadcasting (KGB). KB will be a great asset because he is already popular in Africa.


Both radio and television programmes are going to be interactive with the communities. We will share testimonies of listeners and broadcast their stories.




Kingdom Global has a vision to minister to taxi drivers and raise them up to become ministers to their passengers. There are around 3 million taxis in South Africa. This is a huge harvest field. Kingdom Global Radio can be played in the taxis.




Refer to point 8 of the previous minutes.

Lourens met with a lady at the Willie Crew Mission Centre who lives in Arcadia. She will be able to run with Kingdom Global in Arcadia and Sunnyside.


14.           STATISTICS


Refer to point 9, 4th paragraph, of the previous minutes.

Elias made a list of the areas and Kingdom Communities in Johannesburg. There are 50 Kingdom Communities which can be divided into Central, North, South, East and West.


Hardus says he has opened 81 facebook groups this week. He doesn't know how many of them are active yet, but in Kenya, 15 people had asked to join the group that was created there. The group is starting to grow in Kenya. Daniel is not yet actively posting on the group. Hugo says that a country should be a Page on Facebook and not a group.


Regarding the creating of a macro that was discussed last week (Point 10, paragraph 4) Lourens says that he has not yet received a list. There are challenges in creating and running the macro. Charlotte asks if she should bring him the spare computer they have available, but Lourens declines because he doesn't have the space for a desktop computer. He needs a laptop.




After Daniels visit to South Africa, it became clear that our East Africa base must be in Kisumu. Kisumu is an important access point, there are many railway lines running through Kisumu. We trust God for a facility there where people can be trained.


Hugo says that the Northern part of Kenya has a very strong Muslim contingent. What happens there, is that the Word is being spread through Whatsapp groups. André will start to put a lot of word for us in text format that can be used in Whatsapp messages.


Refer to point 10 of the previous minutes.

Hardus says that Daniel Anyango needs a Wi-Fi machine and air time. He needs a date for he would get the money for this. The cost for a Wi-Fi machine and data bundle, would be around R1 500. Daniel also needs a phone to download Google Sheets.


Hugo rounds off the amount and says that it means we should budget around R2 000 once off and thereafter monthly airtime or data. Hugo says that we could have the money before the end of the month.


Charlotte offers to lend the R2 000 from their business account so that Daniel can get the money sooner. We cannot buy the equipment here and then send it. Daniel needs to buy it in Kenya.


16.           OTHER MATTERS


Asaph says he can download Google Sheets on his phone.


Charlotte must find out if we can run FollowingLike (see point 12 of the previous minutes) from more than one account on one computer and also how many accounts can one run simultaneously.


Hugo says that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, is a person to whom communities is very important. Because Kingdom Global is all about communities, we will approach facebook in future to see if we can have the restriction removed that we are limited to post on our own groups. Please pray for this.


The cost for the top range of the programme for running Facebook accounts only, is $169. Lourens posted the link for payment to Hugo.


Referring to point 13, 1st paragraph of the previous minutes, Frieda has spoken to Elize Pienaar and Frieda and also with someone by the name of Katjie van Vuuren(alias for Elize Pienaar). So Frieda is busy following up on the logins and she is still chatting to Elize.


Referring to point 13, 2nd paragraph of the previous minutes, Elias says that according to Pedro he has made Hugo admin on all the facebook accounts that he created.


Lelanie is not yet active on all the groups. We can start adding her. Hardus must also make Lelanie admin on the facebook groups.[15]


Hugo asks if Nico Grobler, the website designer, has been paid yet. Charlotte will find out.[16]


Nico von Stade joins the meeting by phone for a few minutes. He mentions that he saw 4 people fellowshipping and praying in a restaurant with an A6 booklet that they work from and asks whether we will have something similar to work from in the groups.


Hugo says that a small book is not practical because the Kingdom Global track is a one year track. 3 times per week, members will do self study and that will then be discussed in a public place once a week. That discussion will be the application of revelation knowledge received.


17.           CONCLUSION


Lourens needs a list of communities that need to be opened.[17]  Elias voices his concern about duplication of groups.


Hugo says we need a decentralised team to do this adding and opening of communities on social media.


Asaph must search for groups in his area on facebook, ask to join the groups and he will then automatically be made admin of the groups.[18]  Before he creates a new group, Asaph must first search for the name to make sure there is not already such a group. If a new group is created, as many people from the team must be made admin as possible, but Hugo must always be one of them.  Asaph is welcome to ask for assistance and he is reminded that he must ask for data when he needs it.


The meeting is closed in prayer by Debbie.


[1] Lourens create picture with link to Welcome video (welcome video still to be recorded by Hugo)

[2] Hardus open spreadsheets for Kenya

[3] Everybody who gives training record sessions

[4] Hugo send WA message

[5] Carol Prayer Calendar

[6] Hugo contact Mario Steyn

[7] Carol remind Hugo to contact Mario Steyn

[8] Hardus and Asaph map Midrand region

[9] Charlotte do mapping

[10] Charlotte send instructions to Asaph for mapping

[11] Transform communities in S.A. into Kingdom Communities

[12] Contact Fanus Meyer in Limpopo

[13] Hugo get connections from Koos v/d Merwe

[14] Get mapping information from Arno Opperman

[15] Hardus add Lelanie to groups

[16] Charlotte find out if Nico Grobler has been paid.

[17] Lourens in need of list of communities

[18] Asaph & Hardus - facebook groups