Alto Artists’ Studio Tour
Spotlighting Artist Linda Hand

Ever wonder how artists find the time to explore their talent?  Linda Hand always had the desire, her mother telling her that the only way to quiet a 3-year-old Linda was with crayons and paper.  She doodled her way through school, homework always embellished with design and at age 12 finally convinced her parents to let her quit piano and sign up for art lessons.

Then family and work took precedence.  Teaching English, working on an advanced degree and parenting left little time for art.  That is, until 2002, when children were older and Linda decided that it was “time for me”.

Patsy Blasdell, highly-regarded Ruidoso artist and teacher, led the way for Linda to begin her passion with watercolors.  “I like the unpredictability of watercolor, it’s not forgiving” says Linda.  

Patsy Blasdell fondly describes Linda’s talent this way, “Linda has taken art classes from me for many years.  She is an intuitive painter who has developed her own signature style, bringing her ideas to unique visual images. ”

Linda soon realized that the art world was replete with a wide breath of media so she has dedicated herself to art exploration, taking workshops in mixed media, layered 3D images and painting techniques in addition to watercolor.

“Linda has created a multi-media depiction of aspens on a window pane that came from a camp very special to me,” says Alto resident Sue Hutchinson. “Linda incorporated watercolors, tissue paper, musical scores and newspaper in reverse imagery on the glass portraying brilliantly the aspens that I love.”