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Fiction:  Action, Adventure, Survival

Peak is arrested at 14 when a fellow climber is killed scaling a skyscraper in NYC.   What is a thrill seekers next move?

Be the youngest person to climb Mount Everest of course!

Title:  Peak

by:Roland Smith

Book Group Leader:  Lauren Buck

Goodreads:  3.98 Stars

Amazon: 4.6 Stars

Ms. Smith’s Review:  I have not read this selection, but many students stated they loved it!!

Awards/Honors: Green Mountain Book Award Nominee (GMBA), 2010, National Book Award, Missouri Gateway Readers Award Nominee (2010), Starred reviews from Horn Book Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, and VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)


Booklist starred (April 1, 2007 (Vol. 103, No. 15))

Fourteen-year-old New Yorker Peak ("It could have been worse. My parents could have named me Glacier, or Abyss, or Crampon.") Marcello hones his climbing skills by scaling skyscrapers. After Peak is caught climbing the Woolworth Building, an angry judge gives him probation, with an understanding that Peak will leave New York and live with his famous mountaineer father in Thailand. Peak soon learns, however, that his father has other plans for him; he hopes that Peak will become the youngest person to climb Mt. Everest. Peak is whisked off to Tibet and finds himself in the complex world of an Everest base camp, where large amounts of money are at stake and climbing operations offer people an often-deadly shot at the summit. This is a thrilling, multifaceted adventure story. Smith includes plenty of mountaineering facts told in vivid detail (particularly creepy is his description of the frozen corpses that litter the mountain). But he also explores other issues, such as the selfishness that nearly always accompanies the intensely single-minded. A winner at every level. For more mountaineering adventures, suggest Edward Meyers' Climb or Die (1994) and Michael Dahl's The Viking Claw 0 (2001), both for a slightly younger audience.