TrackPaws App Tutorial

1. Download and log in

To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for TrackPaws.The TrackPaws app is suitable for iPhones, Android phones. We recommend you enable the location, and internet settings on your mobile.

To log in, enter your email address and password for your TrackPaws.

2. App features

All features can be accessed through the app home screen menu

3. Where’s is my pet?

For effective tracking

- It’s best if your battery is fully charged

- Keep in mind that  TrackPaws GPS pet trackers work better at getting a location lock when they are outdoors

- Have a good GPS signal so the pet can find its location

- Have a good mobile network signal so the pet tracker can send data

- Have a good signal and battery strength on your mobile so you can receive data from the TrackPaws server

4. Check out Safe Zone?

5. Proximity Compass

6. Notifications