#212 - Into the Nexus: “Tempo Storm’ing”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Tempo Storm Interview

Thanks to Hazard for setting this up. Psalm & Kala confirmed

I would be the one to discuss the team and performance outside of the game.


Psalm : Grandmaster 10 with most victories on Medivh.

Kala : Fantastic Coaching videos

Soapbox Machine Gun

 Ready and done! WOOT!

Talking Points


Give them time to thank Red Bull.


Reddit was on Fire

Via TeamLiquid.net.Slapjack: The Hero League Dilemma


Of all the reddit dram this is pretty much the only post I think addresses real issues.

Development Update

MMR and Matchmaking

Performance Based Matchmaking

Placement Matches


New Heroes and Hero League


Fenix Balance Patch

Almost everything here is balanced based on popularity of the talent, not the win-rate. Their current design philosophy is to add more features to underpicked talents and increase cooldowns attached to popular talents.


Devs: Fenix has proven himself quite powerful, mainly due to his capability for consistent damage output. While we’re happy with how he plays, we’re making a few changes to bring his damage in line and address Talent imbalances.

Plasma Cutter (Q)

Planet Cracker (R)

Nerf to popular slow build build

Buffs to underpicked talents (Making them kinda nutty)

Buff Fix : Plasma Cutter is now correctly interrupted by Stasis effects, like Stitches’ Gorge and Anub’arak’s Cocoon.


Devs: As part of our ongoing quest to increase counter-play and curb frustration when playing against certain Heroes, we’re changing Sylvanas’ Black Arrows trait so that her Abilities no longer disable Structures. This effect is incredibly powerful and, in the past, has limited how Battlegrounds can be designed and played. We realize that turning off enemy Structures is an important part of Sylvanas’ identity, so rather than removing this functionality completely, we’re addressing it in such a way that she now has to put herself in danger to get maximum value. This should allow more counter-play for opponents when Sylvanas is pushing, and enable us to improve her teamfight capabilities, which we’re doing initially via a small Basic Attack damage buff. We’ll be keeping an eye on her performance, and are ready to make further tuning changes as needed.

Talent Buffs

Talents are pretty crunchy. Will just post who got buffed and nerfed. Will talk about it as a whole

Talent Nerfs


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