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CSF Course Supply Lists (2019-20)
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Courses A-F Supplies List

Most of the unplugged lessons in Courses A-F require only paper, scissors, and writing instruments. We have included here a list of activities where lessons can benefit from more.




Course A

Marble Run (optional activity) 

Kid friendly marbles or round cereal (1-5/group)*

Course C

Lesson 2: Powerful Passwords

Index cards or strips of paper (4/student)

Lesson 3: My Robotic Friends Jr.

Plastic cups (10/group of 2-3)*

Lesson 7: Creating Art with Code

Optional - Protractors (1/student)

Lesson 8: Binary Bracelets

Markers. Optional – 18 black/18 white beads, 1 pipe cleaner per student

Lesson 9: My Loopy Robotic Friends Jr.

Paper cups (20/group of 4)

Course D

Lesson 10: Conditionals with Cards

Deck of cards or something similar (1/group of 4-6)*

Lesson 15: Binary Images

Optional - Groupings of opposite items to display to students

Lesson 18: Dance Party

Optional - Headphones (1/student)

Course F

Lesson 6: Envelope Variables

Envelopes (1-4/group of 2-4)

Lesson 11: For Loop Fun

Dice (3 dice/group of 2-4)*

Lesson 14: The Power of Words

Colored Pencils, string the length of the classroom

Lesson 18: Crowdsourcing

Jar full of small items (buttons, beads, beans, etc.) Deck of cards or something similar (1/group of 4-6)*

Lesson 19: Digital Sharing

Smartphone or tablet

*These items can easily be re-used between multiple classes