ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


November 21, 2017 18:00 UTC


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Agenda and minutes

  1. Round table
  1. Ruth Duerr
  2. Peter Pulsifer
  3. SiriJodha Singh Khalsa
  4. Matt Jones
  5. Bill Manley
  6. Margaret O’Brien
  7. Mark Schildhauer
  1. Adoption of agenda - adopted unanimously
  2. Review of minutes of previous meeting - no updates noted
  1. 2017-10-17
  1. Quick update on collaboration tools
  1. Known group members are listed in
  1. If your name isn’t on that list, please add it!
  1. Google Groups and Disk
  1. Established, invitations sent to group members
  2. Google drive link is
  1. Trello task management
  1. Established, invitations sent to group members listed in
  1. Slack chat
  1. Established, invitations sent to group members listed
  1. Overview of relevant vocabularies
  1. The Google form template was reviewed and a number of changes were requested (see Action Item list below).  This took up the bulk of the meeting.
  1. Outreach strategy - deferred to the next meeting - insufficient time available in this meeting
  2. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Ruth noted that she has been contracted to write two small reports for the WMO/GCW
  1. Report 1: assessing existing terminology in the GCW Glossary indicating where multiple terms could be coalesced, the terminology is inconsistent, and where the community needs to agree on a definition or split the terms up
  2. Report 2: report on how the term of the GCW Glossary align with the other major available ontologies (e.g., ENVO, SWEET, etc.), and make recommendations on addressing overlaps and discrepancies.
  1. Mark noted that he has some resources to devote to these sorts of activities in support of the Arctic Data Center (Mark can you expand upon these notes here?)
  2. Ruth and Mark agreed that this forum is a good place to coordinate these activities.
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 1800 UTC.
  2. Next meeting will be Jan. 16, 2018

Action Items:

  1. Ruth to compare last meeting attendance with Oystein’s list of members….  Who needs to be added everywhere?
  2. SiriJodha to look for URIs for semantic resource type definitions and update the Semantic Resource Types document and form appropriately.
  3. Peter to set up zoom for the next several meetings such that Ruth or Oystein can start the meeting up if Peter isn’t available.
  4. Ruth to use radio button style for semantic resource type question, with short definitions on the Google form
  5. Ruth update form to include the possibility of many URL’s with different types: SPARQL end point vs web site vs repository link vs name space
  6. Ruth update form to include formats as check boxes: HTML, SKOS, OWL, JSON-LD, RDF-XML, RDF-Turtle, RDF-N4, Other (require fill in)