Getting started with DragonFlyMax

  1. Go to and click login/sign-up in the top right corner, then click sign-up for free.

Click here for Detailed Instructions 

Or go to then click athletics, DragonFlyMax, detailed instructions.

  1. Follow the steps to create a parent account

  1. Add your athlete/athletes and choose the sports in which they plan to participate.

  1. What you will need to complete your athletes eligibility requirements
  1. School Codes
  1. Sparkman High School - NYJ75M
  2. Sparkman Middle School - 2UHXRV
  3. Monrovia Middle School - MW9YLV
  1. Athletes birth certificate
  2. Athletes Physical Examination (the back page of the physical signed and dated by an MD or DO on the most recent AHSAA Physical Form)
  3. NFHS Spotsmanship Certificate or STAR Sportsmanship Certificate (if completed prior to Aug. 2017)

      5)  All other forms will be signed electronically in DragonFlyMax