iTime Tech Tips


5 domains, 5 ways to create: Video, Image, Text, Audio and Data*

*and of course you can combine and of these for even more possibilities

All of the examples below are simple but powerful applications that require minimal assistance from the teacher, if any. Of course you can always book your friendly neighbourhood DLC to assist if kids need some inspiration to get them going...


Possible Tools

Movie Making


Edit like a pro - focus on editing together a range of shots choice (wide, medium, close, over shoulder etc)


Green Screen by Do Ink (iPad)


Virtual green-screen with Photo Booth backgrounds

Photo Booth

Stop Motion

iPad: Stop Motion/Pro, iMotion

Mash-up (incorporate two or more of the above into a final movie)

Create a YouTube Playlist on your YouTube channel


Film, TV, Book reviews as talking head videos with cuts to examples

Make a supercut from clips from your favourite movie trailers

Create an animated story using an app like Toontastic, or Puppet Pals


Use an iMovie Trailer to make a book review, or present a character

Slide Decks

Google Slides, Keynote

Choose your own adventure slide deck (hyperlink to outcome)

Slide Deck Quiz (hyperlinks to answers)

Document any iTime process (text, image, video)


Design a logo


Create an image collage

Canva, Seashore, Pixlr.com, Pages

Google Photo Stories

Google Photo Album

Design Poster/Infographic

Pages, Canva, Piktochart

Make a Prezi Presentation

Prezi (need parent to create the account)

Make an Animoto Presentation

Animoto (need parent to create the account)

Create a Sutori Timeline

Sutori (need parent to create the account)



Make a podcast/radio show

Compose a song

Create a dance track

(GarageBand on the iPad)

Create a soundtrack to accompany a film/story

Image and Text

Create a website

New Google Site

Publish an eBook

iBook Author

iPad - Book Creator

Make a blog


Write reviews for all the books you’ve ever read and add them to Goodreads

Goodreads (need parent to create the account)

Make a massive multimodal mindmap of a subject you are an expert in

MindMeister, Popplet

Make your own comic strip

Comic Life, Canva, Powtoons, Pixton


Ideas Hub

3D printing


Learn to code (the basics)

Make a simple platformer 2D video game (Scratch)

Basics Robotics

Control Beebots, Bluebots or MBots

Minecrafting - design and build a world/building


Google Sheets or Numbers

Create and cost your own business plan, with realistic costs

Create a maths problem for a friend to solve based on a real life situation

Create pixel art by using the cells as a mosaic grid

Create a maze by using the merge tool to create a path

Design and print out a board game

Make, filter and sort  your own database, using data you find/collect... Trumps?

Any of these will make a great iTime project, but you know what would be even better? Combining two or more of them!