Get Out the Vote: Amplify Black Women

“Takeover” our own social accounts to get more progressive voters to the polls. Use these lists to find content to share for 24 hrs on or before 10/21 (est ~30 min work) #KeepSharingtheMic

More organizations, leaders, and accounts:


  1. Follow 5 or more accounts (and/or the lists above)
  2. Share/RT only their posts for a day to #KeepSharingtheMic
  3. Fundraise for, donate to, and volunteer with one organization (optional but encouraged)
  4. Ask others to do the same

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DIY 24 hour #KeepSharingtheMic "takeovers" of our own social platforms. For one day all our posts will amplify, promote, share, fundraise for, and support voting rights work led by Black women.


  1. CHOOSE - organization(s) and voice(s) to amplify from the database at or by following the social media lists
  2. AMPLIFY - (with credit, links, permission where appropriate) share their content during a 24 hour "takeover" of our own platform/s using hashtag #KeepSharingtheMic hashtags specific to orgs we pick
  3. FUND - Please share a donate link, ask for audience support, and if possible, donate and volunteer personally for one group
  4. Ask others to #KeepSharingtheMic with us


Use these lists to help choose posts and groups that resonate. Follow them and get ready to promote their work.


Posts these anytime from now to 10.21:

Starting at midnight Tuesday into Wednesday 10.21





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Black women led programs are already out in the field across the USA doing the work of protecting this election.

Black women have disproportionately led voting rights work - for decades - because they’ve had to. They know more about:

Supporting their work gives us all leverage to help protect democracy itself: Read more here & “The Chisholm Effect

"the nation has long ignored Black women’s wisdom and prescience, and we are all paying the price -- while Black women themselves are among those punished the most.”


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This election is essential, and the good news is that across our country (as they always have), Black women are leading legions of underfunded, underappreciated efforts to make voting easier and protect democracy.

We can ALL help.

We can LISTEN TO BLACK WOMEN and we can amplify their voting work with #KeepSharingtheMic "takeovers" of our own platforms.


My DMs are open:

Thanks SO much - Laura Fitton

Get Out the Vote: #KeepSharingTheMic                             inspired by #SharetheMicNow