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DLT Template Changes and Testing for SendOTP
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Changes and Testing on MSG91 Panel:

If you are using latest SendOTP API
(, you do not need to bother your developer; you just need follow below steps:

1. Login to MSG91 panel

2. Go to SendOTP section

3. Click on the Edit button against your OTP Template.

4. Add the DLT Template Id against the DLT approved Template

5. Save the Template and then click on the Test DLT button against your Template.

6. Now, check your phone for this SMS; if you have received this SMS, that means that this Template, Header and Template Id combination will work in the right way once DLT Template is LIVE.

7. If you have not received this SMS, login to MSG91 panel, go to the logs section and search this particular number. You will be able to see the exact reason for failure when you bring the cursor on the red failure sign.

8. Based on the failure reason, correct your mistake and try again.

MSG91 will forward this DLT Template Id to Telecom Operators, if you submit OTP SMS through that Send OTP Template.

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