Village Drive Village is suspending all indoor events at least through April, following the lead of other local organizations whose main participants are retirees. As you probably know, most of the serious and lethal cases of the COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus were older adults, just as with this year’s seasonal flu, which is particularly bad these days.

We will re-evaluate the situation after the CDC and WHO (Centers for DIsease Control and World Health Organization) and local authorities make new recommendations based on reliable data which should be available in a few weeks.

As our Village has repeated often during more usual  times, the most important health problems for older adults are social isolation and lack of exercise.  So Village Drive Village will


The Village is suggesting that our older members and friends should, in addition to washing our hands often, stay home as much as possible.  Remember that your grandchildren have been in contact with many other children who may be contagious without any symptoms.  Older people could consider using a grocery delivery service; our concierge is happy to help our Silver Members access delivery services--phone the magnet number or email